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what are your thoughts on adam richman?

Nice post; great thread

I do believe the 'psychology of the Adam Richman phenomenon' needs to be closely addressed, think this chow thread is the closest we have to doing it, and I predict that if things continue in stasis the series will end with some unmitigated disaster -- eg after massive weight-gain & other health problems Richman experiences a health problem while filming, and so on. But it is a fairy-tale on gluttony in action, tells us more about the state of our food-hunger expectations than probably anything else, and I do realize that, unless there is serious repentance and public penance, the series is not going to end well ...

Aug 21, 2012
bkarger in Food Media & News

Olive Garden in decline?

It should be entirely possible, using Flickr, Google Web Stats, Amazon AWS & other Web tools, to map out its pitch and decline, and -- more importantly -- determine *exactly when* was its height, what were the images made online during this peak time of Olive Garden apex and dominance...

Aug 21, 2012
bkarger in Food Media & News

Moving Past the 'Cinnamon Challenge'

I see the 'cinnamon challenge' is making a new round in the news again, eg

(It's a big college & teen-fad involving 60-second intake of 1 tsp powdered cinnamon, posting results on YouTube etc...


I'm proposing that we turn this for good. Can the Cinnamon Challenge be a positive starting-board for nurturing culinary tastes in the inexperienced and young?

I'm picturing a run of similar contests for 'spice of the week' going up on YouTube, Facebook and so on. Could even be sponsored by McCormick, French's etc, or the foodblogs (Chow?).

We could announce the Oregano Challenge, the Basil Challenge, the Rosemary Challenge, the Sea Salt Challenge, the Garlic Salt Challenge, the Cumin Challenge, the Garam Masala Challenge, the Hidden Valley Ranch powder Challenge ... if we actually *organize* this, we can build up the spice-repertoire of middle America by 500% in a matter of *weeks* ...

Feb 06, 2012
bkarger in Food Media & News