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Reccommendation for Richmond Hill/Markham, please

Just had Restoran Malaysian a few days ago.. Not sure if it's just me but I think their quality has gone down significantly. The roti is great but the chicken in the curry was really overcooked. I also had the pineapple fried rice.. extremely bland! The pad thai was alright but it wasn't as good as what I remembered...

Bday dinner in Thornhill

I'd suggest Ferrovia Ristorante for Italian. Decent place and the dim lights seems fitting for something a little more romantic.

For Japanese, I'd go further to Richmond hill like Inatei.

Big Meal, a new Japanese all-you-can-eat with table service

To be honest, I was hesitant as well to post a bad review when all the other reviewers (especially yours) praised the restaurant so highly. I don't think there's anything wrong with negative reviews- don't all restaurants have a mixture of both?

I'm not sure why you think that all the negative reviews are unrealistic. I feel like you are judging us unfairly, assuming that all the negative reviews are unrealistic comparisons. I based my comparison with other AYCE japanese restaurants I've eaten at.

That said, I'm glad you did post about the place, so don't let this hinder your future posts! I like trying new restaurants and this was a good excuse for gaining that extra 5 pounds =p

Big Meal, a new Japanese all-you-can-eat with table service

I do eat a lot of Japanese AYCE and know what type of quality to expect but the salmon really didn't taste that fresh at all. I do agree that this ayce is above average but was disappointed by the assumptions I made on the quality based on the reviews above. Like I said, maybe the fish quality changed the day I went...

Actually, the ayce place I recommend is cheaper than Big Meal. Give it a try sometime, it's called Ichimoto by chalmers and hwy 7. As expected, the maki aren't that great but they have a good variety of sashimi and their grilled food isn't too bad either.

Big Meal, a new Japanese all-you-can-eat with table service

Yea I haven't found another one which offers it. Don't quote me on this but I think they also serve red tuna and butterfish as well. My go-to place is called Ichimoto, it's located near chalmers and hwy 7 (opposite yoga tree if you know where that is). If you do go, you definitely need to try the chicken wing yakitori (i think they just called it grilled chickenwing) too! They also have golden shrimp, which is deep fried shrimp wrapped in thin shreds of sweet potato- it's pretty interesting, but I rather have tempura lol.

Big Meal, a new Japanese all-you-can-eat with table service

Honestly, I don't really live in the area so I can't really answer your question. It was one of the better ayce places I've been to though, so I'd say quality isn't too shabby.

Sashimi usually gives you the most value out of dinner price, although the quality wouldn't be on par with non-ayce restaurants. I had no idea that butterfish and red tuna sashimi was so rare at ayce until i read the above reviews. And definitely get the scallops if you can. The place I frequent actually does have scallop sashimi, but they don't come in the shell like the picture in the above review.

If you want the best value, eat more of the chef's special items as you can't find those in most places. Next stop, attack the meat. Grilled ribs is usually a favorite...

Big Meal, a new Japanese all-you-can-eat with table service

Went for lunch and dinner on a weekday night. Not crowded at all. We were actually one of two tables for lunch. And it was less than half full for dinner. Overall I was not impressed based on what I read in the reviews here. That is not to say it wasn't good.. I just expected too much =p

The biggest disappointment was that the salmon sashimi was not as fresh as the reviews here stated. Not sure if it was just a bad night but the salmon was pretty bland (didn't have that fresh taste), though the butterfish and other fishes were ok. Was disappointed I didn't see the half shell scallops (that picture won me over!). We were allowed to order as many of the chef's special items as we wanted (there were 6 things I think- prawn with quail egg, alaska crab legs, octopus sashimi, red tuna sashimi, salmon roe sushi, baked scallop). The baked scallop was actually pretty small.. the majority of it was the cheese. Sadly, the maki rolls suffered the same fate as most ayce- too much rice/cucumber/tempura bits in comparison with the actual meat. They did have a lot more interesting rolls than most ayce places though.