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Need great lamb shanks for a reasonable price in Toronto?

Thanks all ... found the lamb shanks. Got some beauties fresh at Grace Meats in Little Italy at 644 College 416-534-7776. Paid $5.99 lb which is a tiny bit more than frozen ones at Fortinos [Lawrence Plaza]. I cleaned them out of the nine shanks Grace Meats had on hand - so call ahead to check on inventory.
In other news you can also get the shanks from Friendly Butcher but at the time of this writing you needed to phone in and pre-order. They are at Yonge near Lawrence - locovore, organic and all that jazz so if you care it will cost you almost double - $10.99 lb. Since these lovely shanks will be braised for a few hours I am not sure how wrong I can go with 'good, old fashion food'. I am sure Cumbrae's, Pusateri's et al have lamb shanks that were raised nearby, sitting in easy chairs, sipping chardonnay but I was looking for a less pricey option. Thanks for all your input. Appreciated!!

Need great lamb shanks for a reasonable price in Toronto?

Don't care about organic or locovor or any of that jazz. Want good quality meat for a reasonable price. Please help!!!!!