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Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon

No doubt they already have a waiting list, but i just thought i'd mention that I've (very reluctantly) just called to cancel my brunch reservation (2 people, at the banquette for the 14h seating). Good luck!

Non-Valentine's dinner tomorrow?

As an extention to these two posts:

I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions for a quality restaurant that WON'T have a St-V special menu and that might not already be fully booked for tomorrow evening (for a pre-theatre dinner with the in-laws). Ideally downtown.

Very last minute, I know, but it's a last-ditch effort to avoid hosting at home (and thus spending the day cleaning the house).

Portuguese Festival

I'm afraid it did happen over this past weekend. My heart & liver have yet still to forgive me.


Does this refer to the new chef, Dominic Tremblay?

Has anyone been to Laloux since? Just curious!

communal dining experience?

If you're looking for an intimate, relaxed place to meet locals, I would highly recommend Fuchsia, a tiny storefront/cafe located in the Plateau. The owner, Binky (who herself is incredibly warm and friendly) was exploring this very idea of communal dinners just for the sake of meeting new people a while ago, so you should give her a call and see if that's still happening. She runs a catering business as well as cooking in her cafe wholesome food and pastries with edible flowers. It's a very small space, with only two picnic-style tables and benches, so it's very condusive to getting to know your neighbours (which has been the case the many times I've been there for breakfasts and lunch). Fushcia is also available for private dinners if you book your group in advance, but like I said, you should check and see if she's doing public dinners. Or go for breakfast on a weekend!

Binky Holleran is the chef and owner of Fuchsia, located at 54 Duluth St., Montréal, Québec. Tel: 514-487-3155

Her description from a website:
I use an assortment of edible flowers and flower salts in my cooking, such as pansies, nasturtiums, dianthus, lavender and roses. There are no real menu choices – there is a hot vegetarian meal of the day and in summer I usually make a salad or two as well. I heard someone tell another while explaining the place, “When you go home, you don’t tell your mom what you want to eat, you eat what she serves you.” That seems to sum up the feeling at the restaurant. It feels like home. Time passes more slowly and is more relaxed.

Article for the Hour a while ago:

Has anyone been to Station F on Rachel street?

Could you share with us where exactly this restaurant is located? Just like you, my internet (and yellowpages) search came up empty. Thank-you!

Best chocolatine in Montreal?

M. Pinchot on Brebeuf & Maryanne. It's just a little neighbourhood bakery, but they make the best croissants around.

Help in narrowing down Montreal options

For a breakfast (or brunch, rather) right close to Parc Lafontaine (just west of it), I highly recommend L'Anecdote as a lovely neighbourhood option. They also serve burgers made with all sorts of game meat.
801, rue Rachel Est,
Montréal, QC H2J 2H7
Tel. : 514-526-7967

lunch options near the Palais des Congres?

For a real hole-in-the-wall greasy spoon right close by:
Nouveau Notre Dame Du Vieux Montréal
237, rue Notre-Dame Ouest,
Montréal, QC H2Y 1T4
Tel. : 514-845-5757
They serve a good straight-up poutine, probably my favourite in the greasy spoon category.

I also quite like Sur Bleury (especially their fancier poutine with extra old cheddar). I find it has quite a relaxed and artsy atmosphere with less tourists around.

My favourite little hidden spot, also very close to the Palais is Romagna Caffè, (60 St Jacques, H2Y 1L5 Tel. : 514-844-1528). They have a very good selection of salads, paninis, pizzas, homemade gelati, a great selection of tea (and most importantly, the know-how to serve a cup of tea properly). Plus the atmosphere is very clean and calm, which is always a welcome change from a day at the Palais des Congres.

Montreal to Gaspesie - what not to miss

Thanks SO much for all the replies to my original post! As it turned out, half my travel companions were vegetarians, so I didn't get the opportunity to try out all the wonderfully recommended seafood and other chowhound destinations. That said, we did stop into some sweet little gems.

In Rivière-Du-Loup, just a few steps away from the main highway, is a little bakery called Boulangerie Bis La Boulange (59-B, Côte Saint-Jacques, Web: Their savoury brioche made with regional sea spinach is quite tasty.

Close to Bonaventure (south side of the pennisula), there is a fantastic poissonerie with a dining area. I can't remember the name of it anymore, but it was something like "Poissonerie du Pecheur". I will check tonight for the exact details. The food is very simple (the vegetable side dish that comes with your meal consisted of frozen mixed vegetables) but the turbot i had was so nice and fresh that it far over-shadowed the low-key preparation and dismal accompaniments. Plus, it's byow.

For my next trip out, I will bring a true chowhound to give more regional fare (versus campground meals) a shot.

Montreal to Gaspesie - what not to miss

I'll be doing a camping road-trip around the Gaspe region, with, of course the intention of finding the good eats in the region. I've got the Gaspesie Gourmande guide-magazine in front of me, but would love to hear some first-hand accounts from Chowhounders of anything particularly special. Thank-you!

Lunch near quays of the old port of Montreal

Some affordable but casual lunchtime favourites in that area (though not quite tapas nor bistro):
-Olive & Gourmando (351 rue Saint Paul Ouest - 514-350-1083)
-Cluny Artbar (257 rue Prince in the Fonderie Darling - 514-866-1213
)-Titanic (445 rue Saint Pierre - 514-849-0894)

Wild Asparagus

I was wondering if anyone has any recipes or cooking suggestions for wild asparagus.

Asparagus was abundent at my local farmer's market this weekend (Montreal), but I was especially delighted to find someone offering the wild variety. I'd love to hear if anyone knows of something special to do with them.

Jun 28, 2006
quitesimplysmj in Home Cooking

Seeking Butcher Recommendations

I asked about bison a while ago on this board and got this very helpful reply:

At the Jean-Talon Market, Prince Noir (514 906-1110) almost always has fresh bison for sale and Boucherie du Marché (514 270-7732) usually does too.

I was able to get bison at Prince Noir both times I've been up, including just yesterday. They're actually having a special on bison right now.