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knotts all you can eat bbq?? anybody been?

Backyard BBQ Weekends: Theme Park Ticket and all-you-can-eat BBQ for one low price!

Get a Regular theme park admission ticket and all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet for just $39.99(48" and over) , Juniors (under 48") & Seniors (62+) $29.99. Make your reservations today at 1-800-PICNICS or (714) 220-5163.

Apr 13, 2009
joea in Los Angeles Area

Best Margarita in Los Angeles?

OK all I have yet to find a definite best margarita in Los Angeles.

It's all about the mix as you should order all margs with a 100% agave tequila and no Triple-seq - only Cointreau or Grand Marnier if Cointreau is not availiable.

The only proper mix is lime juice maybe a lemon squeeze and simple syrup.

El Carmen (LA) is good - they have a marg on their drink Menu made w/ herradura and cuintreau,
El Portal (Pasadena) is good
Ciudad is OK
Border Grill is good
I find the mix at El Conquistador to be a bit volitile
El Cholo - TOO SWEET
Joselitos (Montrose) The mix will burn a hole in your stomach
Los Gringos Locos in La Canada - decent
Lares (Santa Monica) - OK
La Cabinita (Montrose) - Awful
El Compadre - Good
Marix - OK
Velvet Margarita - Not Good
El Coyote - Not Good
Mexico City - nice effort but stll lacking
Casa Vega - Bad Mix
Sol - y Luna (Tarzana) - OK
Mijares (pasadena) nice effort - just ok
Don Cuco's all locations bad - even have served me the wrong tequila.
Los Toros (Chatsworth) will get you messed up but really, not so good
Senor Fred (Sherman Oaks) not even decent and will cost you $15
Camachos in City Walk - actually decent for the locale
Malo - Truly Malo
Much Mas (north Hollywood) - please order Much menos - not good
Tequilas (Van nuys/Burbank) depends on the server - i think they make your drink - but not oo good
Viva Fresh - (Burbank) nope
The Mexican Village - Just OK

There are more but I am at work and should be working.

If you are interested. The Mrs and I teach a tequila Tasting/Margarita Making class at the about once a quarter

There is a place in San Francisco that hand squeezes every drink they make Called Tommy's Mexican Restaurant. and another in Tibouron called Guymas. The margo at the Fontana bar in the Bellagio is quite good. but here in LA I have yet to be wow'ed

May 13, 2008
joea in Los Angeles Area

Mexican Food Tonight Studio City or North Hollywood

excerpt from my last visit:

1st Waited over 15 minutes to have a drink order.
2nd. The chips were old/stale
3rd After drink order was taken, we waited another 15-20 minutes for our drinks without seeing our server for our food order.
4th Food came out and was completely luke warm.
5th A woman in our party asked for her leftovers to go, as her plate was taken by a runner/busboy. Later on, when our server returned we asked where they were. He went back to look for them, came back asked who took them, left, came back said “Sorry,” gave us our check and left. Did not offer to remake the dish for take-out or take off the bill. We had to get a manager involved and even he was very nonchalant.

Aug 23, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Mexican Food Tonight Studio City or North Hollywood

Do not go to El Torito Grill EVER. I work nearby and Have NEVER had good service there. I have had edible food but not good either. I have sent letters to the chains customer service contact online 2x with no response. No one in our company of over 50 people go due to the bad service there.

Aug 22, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

the stand in encino last night $13 for a burger and a BOTTLE of wine

I guess they have some special on Thursdays. Jazz on the patio $6.00 bottle of Merlot. Not great but $6??!!!! $1.50 a glass.

This is not my favorite place but last night was fun.

Good turkey burger too.

Thanks for listennig

Aug 17, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Is the search action broken? [Moved from Los Angeles Area board]

Is the search option broken?

Jul 27, 2007
joea in Site Talk

Best $25 Steak dinner?

Jul 22, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Best Bloody Mary in SFV

Hands Down - The Sherman Room

here is my past review (including the bloody mary)

Jun 26, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

barrel barbequed oysters? anywhere inLA

A while back we were up at Point Reyes, and after our hike down to the lighthouse there was a guy at the beach who was barrel BBQing oysters with some cocktail sauce for $1 each.

maybe I could not find this in LA but could someone point me where to at least buy these oysters and maybe, how to cook them?? it seemed like he just put them on the grill and either cut or waited for them to open.

I am having an awful craving for these!!!

thank you all

Jun 25, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Need to find best food/ambience in Burbank

Are they beer and wine only? - Do they have distilled spirits??

Jun 20, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Good mexican in Burbank area?

Glad that they are still around. (i don't prefer casita either but i already bashed another place within my post)

Jun 14, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Good mexican in Burbank area?

Gotta say I do not like La Cabanita. At all. Never have, Never Will.

I am going off of your "Cheap" request. Many of these recs will be bashed, but for the price, they are just fine.

Thai Room Restaurant on Hollywood way between Verdugo and Magnolia. Decent Thai like $6-$8 a plate. Dingy place but I like to sit on patio and chill.

Pinnocio's/Monte Carlo for good cheap Italian.

Kuru,Kuru Sushi in a strip mall on Verdugo an H-way (if it is still there) decent food for the dough.

Mambo's Cuban on Victory and Western (on the way to Griffith park) I really like this place. Haven't been in a while.

On Glenoaks where you are practically in Glendale is a place called Cafe Bravo for good Kebabs.

For crappy red saucy Americanized Mexican I like El Charro up the street from La Cabanita in La Crescenta and I prefer their Margos. (I know tequila, was in a club, tried 225 different kinds + taught a class about it for a while)

For Mexican taco stand type restaurant people on the board really like that Casitas place. I go all the way to Sylmar to a place (and a truck) call El Faro Tacos
There used to be a taco stand at the car wash at the Toluca border on Magnolia, don't know if it is still there.

There is a large Korean population in La Crescenta. I would recommend Ka-San on Foothill (the whole town is practically on foothill) near Pennsylvania.

Hope this helps

Jun 14, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Lunch after the Showcase House @ Descanso Gardens

I have been privy to the WORST service ever and luke warm food at Dish many times.

My reccomendation would be Divina Cucina which just re-opened from a remodel.
We have had great meals there, many times.

I would skip La Cabanita.

May 10, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Shabu Shabu in Glendale

i have a dumb question. I have never been to Shabu-Shabu. I understand the concept -but- was wondering is it safe for Families? I have a 4 year old.

Also, is there a rec where I could go and just kind of tell the server to just give me a sampling as it's my first time?? I too live in Glendale



May 08, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Drive thru that is not a chain - in the valley???

I am the one who always picks up the whole office's lunch when they find out where I am going. I was wondering if you-all had some recs so that my carry-out could be done easier???

Work in Sherman Oaks area (good bye rubens)


May 08, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Dinner and Big band music - does it exist in LA?

Parents 50th anniversary coming up. Would love to show them a good ol' time.

Thanks in advance for your rec's

Apr 28, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Lunch in Burbank tomorrow

Depends on which ABC 'campus' you will be visiting, and how casual. If on the BV lot alot of people a place on riverside Dr accross from the Equistrian center, the name escapes me but someone will hopefully chime in. You could also hit 'Taste of Chicago' on Hollywood way and Verdugo. Also, 'Monte Carlo' deli on Magnolia very casual, fast if there is not too long of a line. Granville is nice but parking is a bitch. If you are going to their Glendale/Burbank adjacent area location then I would suggest Patricks.

Mar 13, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Restaurants in Old Town Monrovia...

do they have booze or just beer/wine?

Mar 09, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Encino for large group

It's no Panzenella mind you -but- I notice' Sisley' at Sepulveda and Ventura has a little room that looks as if it seats 15. They also have large/family style pasta orders avail to keep costs down.

My favorite Italian - no, but it is decent.

Mar 05, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Let the bashing begin...Buca Di Beppo was Good yesterday

you are right, i changed it to good

Feb 26, 2007
joea in Chains

Let the bashing begin...Buca Di Beppo was Good yesterday

We went to the City Walk location.

I had never been to this restaurant avoiding it because of all the horrible chatter.

It was my sons birthday (4) and we were looking for somewhere to walk around for a bit then have lunch (for 12).

We sat in the infamous POPE ROOM.

The Mrs who has been to this restaurant said "only order red sauce entrees, everything else IS bad" We ordered Spaghetti with Marinara, Spaghetti with meat sauce and a spicy arrabiata penne with sausage. We also ordered 2 basic salads.

So, here I was waiting to be underwhelmed... The salad was very basic but good/fresh. The pastas were also good. The bread was fantastic.

The waitress was attentive.

We brought our own "Star Wars" birthday cake which they served.

Got out of there for about $15 a person (it could have been chaper but we ordered a bit too much) including drinks and tip. I think for the atmosphere, this was a good deal and alot of fun.

I heard from my relatives that we did the right things:
1. Going on a Sunday Afternoon
2. Ordering red sauce
3. Bringing our own dessert.

I guess it's just murder going here on a Weekend evening.

Feb 26, 2007
joea in Chains

Family style italian??? Valley/Pasadena

Don't know anything about it. where is it??

Feb 19, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Family style italian??? Valley/Pasadena

Family style like lage bowls of past and salad we can all share

Trying to get a group together for my kids birthday and we are broke.

I know buca but anywhere else???

Any cuisine is actually ok.

Feb 19, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

wintern - opus i know, what else?

need your dinner suggestions - no asian. fish is good. not too fancy but nice dining experience

Feb 14, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

La Cabanita - Montrose - What to get?

I have said it before, and I 'll say it again. I have been dragged to this restaurant by many, and have ALWAYS left completely underwhelmed. I even live close and would rather go to El Charro up the street for some regular old 'everything covered in enchilada sauce' type mexican food and better drinks

Feb 02, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Steak! Inexpensive to Moderate $

Sherman Way and Balboa

Sherman Room
(818) 881-9363
16916 Sherman Way
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Feb 02, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Happy Hour @ McCormick and Schmick's Pilsner Room - Irvine - Review with Photos

I really like McCormick & Schmick's in general. I had some of the best waitservice I have ever had on Christmas Eve at the new Burbank Location

Feb 02, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Steak! Inexpensive to Moderate $

I really like the Sherman Room in Van Nuys for good Char steak at a good price.

Here is a link to my old review:

Feb 02, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

Taco Loco in Valley Village (N. Hollywood?)

Valey Glen IS Van Nuys!!

My bro lives in "valley village" yet he is directly across the street from "North Hollywood High" go figure. oh, this post has to be about food. The Taco Bell near there is one of the Worst.

Jan 17, 2007
joea in Los Angeles Area

la cabanita in glendale ---- what's good here?

to answer you question, nothing

I have been here many times (live in the area / friends, neighbors, bosses like it) and never had good food or good service.

Their margaritas are AWFUL (we teach a tequila/margarita class 2x a year)

The chips are even bad.

Dec 15, 2006
joea in Los Angeles Area