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Palm Beach County Openings 2012

Thanks! That will be on my list.

Palm Beach County Openings 2012

Three New Asian place in Downtown Clematis. Kabuki had opened for about a month ago. It has sushi and Thai. It's doing great for a new restaurant and seems to already have their regular patrons. Their sushi rolls are out of this world.

Fuku (Chinese and Japanese) has some delays, but it probably is about to open in a month or two. The Owner used to work at PF Chang, so I think the food will be somewhat similar plus sushi. I could be wrong though.

Also Palm Sugar is scheduled to open in March. According to the press, it will be a pan-Asian restaurant/ dessert bar.

The wine dive just opened weeks ago. I love their decor, their wine selections and desserts.

First time visitor to West Palm Beach.

There is a new asian/sushi place just opened on Clematis St. The menu is huge and price is very reasonable. It has a great vibe and always crowded on the weekends. Rave reviews online. The place is called kabuki located next to Don Ramon's.

Feb 02, 2012
Evangelion in Florida