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Ideal Sushi (Omakase) for Group of 4

I have a table reservation for my family on Christmas Eve, so it's back.

Dec 20, 2012
myamada in Manhattan

Ideal Sushi (Omakase) for Group of 4

How about Sushi Azabu?
They have omakase. You can sit either at the counter or at table. The sushi bar is pretty small, so it'll be pretty intimate, even without a bend. It's also intimate enough that you can ask the chef that you'd like a sushi only omakase with a specific budget, and I'm sure it won't be problem.

Kyo Ya is nice, but it's not exactly sushi.

15 East is good option too, but I think their omakase had more cooked food than sushi/sashimi. It was delicious, for sure, but I recall thinking, "I wish there was more sushi..." I can't remember if they had a sushi specific omakase.

Dec 20, 2012
myamada in Manhattan

Trying to track down an old favorite from 2001~2002.

This is a long shot, but I'm on a mission. This is before chowhound joined with chow!

Around 2002, on Astoria Blvd & 29th Street, before that condo thing went up, there was a small rickety Italian restaurant that made REALLY GOOD pizzas, and it was really, really cheap. It was a little shack of a place, on the corner of a parking lot. The bathroom was on the lower level and it was stinky LOL!

I think the pizzas were brick oven. The pastas were terrific. The chef was the owner, who spoke little English. My husband and I had just gotten married, and we didn't have much money, but we went there like once a week or so. The chef used to send us free dessert. It was just so delicious and special for us.

Then one day, the place closed only to be bulldozed to make room for the giant condo thing that is there now. I am trying to track down what happened to the chef. I'm hoping he has resurfaced somewhere... I'm hoping some of you old timers would know, or AT LEAST know of the place. I can't even remember the name now :(

La Locanda del Buongustaio
But I can't find anything else on it...

Feb 03, 2012
myamada in Outer Boroughs

Ciano or Lincoln Ristorante

Thank you every body for your replies!

I personally will probably like Ciano, because I do like 'rustic'! I do love places like Peasant. However, this being mother, I think we'll go with Lincoln.

I did think about Maialino, but that's another place that is near impossible to get primetime reservation with short notice.

Thanks all! :)

Feb 03, 2012
myamada in Manhattan

Ciano or Lincoln Ristorante

I have to take my 62 year old mother out, who is a Babbo & Maera fan.
But I...overslept and wasn't able to make a reservation at Babbo. Oops.
I personally didn't like Maera and don't care for other Michael White establishments.
I find it a bit too much on the heavy side...

I'm looking for an alternative where I can book something - two weeks ahead.
So places like Del Posto, Locanda and Scarpetta is probably out.

I looked around and it seems like Ciano or Lincoln Ristorante sounds like a safe bet.
We're looking for strong pasta and probably also good selection of secondi, in an "upscale" environment.

Which would be the better choice? Ciano or Lincoln?
And if you don't like any of these, what other alternatives do you recommend?

Your thoughts will be super appreciated!

Feb 02, 2012
myamada in Manhattan