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PB & J Day

Peanut butter, thinly sliced red apple and crisp bacon on toasted multigrain. Not sure about the jelly...maybe incorporated into a "dipping" sauce?

Apr 02, 2014
nlgardener in Home Cooking

Misleading Names of Certain Preparations

It's an unfortunate name for a very savory, wonderful concoction of slurpy goodness. I've been making the same recipe to the letter for 30 years. My only detour is breaking the spaghetti in half before cooking it. Firm, dark red kidney beans a must.

Call it anything but don't you "dare" it chili lol!!

Feel sorry for anyone who can't get past the nomenclature.

Yum. More for me :o)

Mar 30, 2014
nlgardener in General Topics

What's for Dinner #288 - April Fool Edition! [Through April 3, 2014]

Sending healing thoughts your way! I had 4 impacted "wisdom teeth" extracted many years ago. My first experience with codeine :o(

Speaking of mashed, I scored a piece of corned beef for 1.98/lb. Braised it in beer and beef broth. Made horseradish mashed potatoes to go along with it - didn't use the potato broth and mixed in a healthy dose of chopped scallions. Can't wait to have them again with a rib roast at the holidays.


Hope you heal soon.

Mar 30, 2014
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Using up Cream Cheese

Pimento stuffed green olives, well drained, coarsely chopped - mashed with cream cheese ratio 1:1.

This makes a fantastic sandwich filling on your favorite bread with leaf lettuce...

Mar 29, 2014
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How do you feel about dogs in the grocery cart?

Let's see - they're putting dead ground up cow in their carts, dead cut up chicken, dead pig and lamb parts not to mention organs of the animals...

I wouldn't be worried about the live canines.

Mar 27, 2014
nlgardener in Not About Food

Spaghetti with ketchup - does anyone else eat this?

We were just talking about this on a recent visit with my brother and his wife. Their 17-year-old German exchange student loves ketchup as a "sauce" on her spaghetti!

Mar 21, 2014
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mayo-free/dairy-free chicken salad sandwiches

This is a recipe for a cooked salad dressing that might work for you:

1 tsp dry mustard
2 T sugar
1/4 tsp salt
2 T flour
1/2 C cold water
2 egg yolks
1/4 c vinegar
2 T butter

Dissolve mustard, sugar, salt and flour in water. Beat eggs and vinegar on top of double boiler. Add the dissolved ingredients. Cook and stir the dressing over boiling water until thick and smooth. Add butter. Use for chicken salad, cole slaw and country ham salad.

Feb 26, 2014
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Food from childhood you cannot eat

Miracle Whip
Green bean casserole
Wonder Bread
Popcorn with milk for breakfast
Cool Whip
Jello "salads"
Powdered milk
Rubbery American "cheese"
Campbell's tomato soup
Instant Rice
Hungry Man fried chicken dinner (ok - so this was a college stoner staple - still in my "youth" lol)

Feb 19, 2014
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Leftover roasted vegetables

Lucky you!

I love grilled veggies on a panini with Brie.

Jan 06, 2014
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Hello. My name is PotatoHouse and I am a _______ addict.

+1 Veggo
I recently told my physician my obit would read "death by cheese".....I would die happy eating cheese.

Jan 02, 2014
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Is it still mac and cheese if...

+1 on the tuna and peas. I add crushed potato chips on top if I have any.

Dec 17, 2013
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chicken cutlet fillings

I've made those chianti braised stuffed chicken thighs. They're delicious! A lot of work, but so worth it. After my second effort, I invested in a bunch of high heat silicone "twisties" to hold the thighs together instead of tying them with kitchen twine. They save me a lot of time and frustration.

Dec 10, 2013
nlgardener in Home Cooking

De Buyer Fry Pans for pretty great prices on West Elm!

Hey, thanks so much for the tip! Mrs. Claus just gifted herself a 10" pan for Christmas :o)

Dec 08, 2013
nlgardener in Cookware

What's for Dinner #260 - The Holiday Decorations are Coming Out Edition [through Dec 11, 2013]

Hope you're feeling better. I had a very painful gout attack in my right foot today. Spent most of the afternoon immobile. Rallied to make a vat of chili for supper. We'll eat on it for a few days.

Dec 07, 2013
nlgardener in Home Cooking

Are You Snacking on Anything Right Now? *Happy Holidays Edition*

I am in love with Stacy's Simply Naked Pita Chips. They work with anything you can dip. They're sturdy, crunchy and delicious. We're polishing off a Gorgonzola cream cheese concoction from Trader Joe's topped with cranberries and walnuts. Leftovers from Turkey Day...

Dec 03, 2013
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Substituting ground beef for Italian sausage...

Ground pork or ground turkey? I always add some fennel seed when I sub not beef ground meat for Italian sausage.

What does your friend dislike about it? Texture? Fat? Flavor?

Nov 29, 2013
nlgardener in Home Cooking

Can you put meat proteins (not butter, but meat) into desserts successfully? I want to try oyster cupcakes. Can it be done?

Why would you deliberately serve food to people if you know they don't like it?

Nov 28, 2013
nlgardener in Home Cooking

Deep Fryer Turkey Thanksgiving Music Video by William Shatner

Oh, oh, oh - thank you for posting this. Just emailed it to my brother who got his dream machine turkey fryer this week. Too funny!

Nov 27, 2013
nlgardener in Food Media & News

It's Thanksgiving Eve

Do you have to use them all at once? I might sauté the alliums, herbs & red bell in rendered bacon fat...mix in cooked cod, moisten with wine/sherry and bind with breadcrumbs. Add in chopped cooked bacon. Fill scallop shells, dab with butter and bake.

Steam broccoli to crisp tender. Toss with melted butter. Sprinkle with parm cheese. Hope you have lemon wedges.

Who's coming for dinner??

Nov 27, 2013
nlgardener in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's Fresh Turkey- Should I trust the store signs?

Look on the bright side, if you decide to replace it, turkeys will be cheaper on Friday :0)

Nov 27, 2013
nlgardener in General Topics

Mashed potatoes - milk, half and half or heavy cream

While the potatoes cook, I gently heat cream in a small pot with a sprig of fresh rosemary, crushed cloves of fresh garlic, whole black peppercorns and a bay leaf. I always return the cooked potatoes to the pot after draining and keep them over some heat to rid them of moisture. Then mash them with the strained herb-infused cream and as much butter as your heart desires.

OTOH a great shortcut is skip the herb infused cream and mash them with a round of Boursin cheese. Might need a bit of cream to smooth them out.

Nov 24, 2013
nlgardener in Home Cooking

A burger sandwich. Not a hamburger.

A hamburger club will get you 3 pieces of toasted bread with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Another hamburger sandwich is a patty melt - beef patty, caramelized onions, cheese grilled on rye bread.

Nov 23, 2013
nlgardener in General Topics

Corned Beef and Other Missing Lunch Meats

Thank you for the info - I will try Kroger when I'm home next time.

I can buy Krakus Polish ham at my Stop & Shop. I can also buy Mother Goose liverwurst, which is my favorite. I just prefer the quality of the BH olive loaf to the store brand. Higher ratio of olives to meat, as well...

Nov 22, 2013
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Corned Beef and Other Missing Lunch Meats

I, too, love olive loaf. Boar's Head is my favorite. The store brands here aren't as good. I limit myself to 3 or 4 slices when I buy it. No one else will eat it.

I'm from Ohio. When I was home the last time I went in search of Old Fashioned Loaf, and Dutch Loaf. These were regularly in my lunchbox when I was a kid. I went to several old, long established meat shops (not chain groceries) but the older butchers say they haven't seen those cold cuts for many years.

Does anyone else remember them?

Nov 22, 2013
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Thanksgiving shopping list necessary extras to have on hand

As long as we don't run out of bourbon or ice we never hyperventilate on Thanksgiving. Another essential is our CD of Alice's Restaurant. I keep it with the silver plated gravy boat.

Nov 21, 2013
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I come to praise the carrot, not to bury it!

Carrots are one of my essential staples. I use them in stir fries, soups/stews, salads, to sweeten a tomato based sauce, as a vehicle to eat hummus and tzatziki and French onion soup dip. Love carrot cake and Morning Glory muffins.

Can't imagine living without them!! Thank you for posting this Ode to the Carrot.

Nov 20, 2013
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Poached chicken for chicken salad - best way to season

I've stopped poaching and started roasting my chicken for chicken salad (and other recipes using cooked chicken breast meat) after watching Ina Garten make chicken salad on the Food Network. I buy bone-in, skin on breasts halves, trim them of excess fat, brush lightly with olive oil, then salt and pepper. Into a 350 oven for about 40 minutes. The meat is tender and juicy. I like the texture and flavor. Easy to pull off the skin and bones while still a bit warm.

Nov 15, 2013
nlgardener in Home Cooking

Your Favorite Rainy Day Soup?

I'd eat any of these soups on a rainy day!

Ran across some cheap, meaty beef shanks awhile ago and fashioned a beef veg soup after browning them really hard, S&P, throwing them in the crockpot with a bunch of stuff from the fridge, boxes of beef broth and chopped tomatoes. Thyme sprigs from the garden. Yummy beefy. Now I'm always tuned into beef shank.

Oct 09, 2013
nlgardener in Home Cooking

Worth finding an ultimate restaurant in Amsterdam?

In the 2 years I lived in the Netherlands I never found a distinctive regional style and all of their traditional food is best missed. Astonishingly bad, frugal, and tasteless. I will give an exemption to their koffie and appelgebak met slagroom.
Indonesian restaurants and Middle Eastern food stands had the most flavorful meals.
If you can get down to Belgium you'll have more luck. Even better - go to France.

Oct 08, 2013
nlgardener in Europe

What menu items you can't resist when you see them

Foie gras
Almost anything served with mashed potatoes
Fried calamari with hot banana pepper rings
Any kind of seafood chowder
Lamb shank
Fish tacos
Club sandwich
Lobster roll
Tuna melt
Toasted Italian with the works
Croque Monsieur
Eggplant parm
Spaghetti carbonara

Lemon meringue pie
Carrot cake
Bread pudding with a boozy sauce
Irish coffee

Oct 08, 2013
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