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I get a craving every couple of weeks for biryani and I go to Biryani King at 680 Rexdale (near Woodbine mall). They have bone and boneless, always enjoy it and has good amount of heat. Think it is about $5 - $6 dollars for a packed container that more then fills me up. It's close to work but still need to find a similiar place downtown!

The popularity of Swiss Chalet seems to be waning in the GTA. Thoughts?

Can anyone confirm if they have stopped roasting in store? I have heard this but not sure. Was told they come precooked from distribution center now?

Uncle Ray's Hot Chips

I just saw them at Riverside Market (Queen and Broadview). I stopped because it rang a bell for some reason and then I remembered seeing your post. They had the hot, and in large bags. Maybe it is close for you! I will try them next time I go.

strep throat foods....please help

I've had strep quite bad before and probably waited too long to go to the Dr. for a prescription. The plus side is i lost 15 pounds very quickly ;-) I wasn't able to eat anything, it was torture to even try and swallow a teaspoon of juice, but what did work wonders for me was a tumeric poultice (in a warm cloth wrapped over the throat). I swear that within an hour or two i started being able to swallow again. Worth a shot!

Edit: I just saw the date of the original post! Not sure why it was at the top. Assume you survived!

Dec 22, 2014
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fried zucchini sticks

This came up in my google search and I had a craving for them, also from Ottawa, and remember them well. Anyone have updates?

Is there any good, non-chain chow near the Residence Inn Ottawa Airport Marriott?

I haven't been yet myself but I often hear good things about the restaurant at the Hilton Garden Inn by the airport. It is not a chain, but I do not know the name of it.

Where can I buy "heavy cream"?

Thought I would bump this up and see if any updates. A lot of pasta sauce recipes I see call for heavy cream and I never am able to find this. Any ideas?

shawarma question

I don't think so, I've tried many places, downtown, east end, west end, nothing compares. I make sure I fill up when I go back to Ottawa to get my fix. And good luck getting a decent egg roll in this city! No one makes them from scratch here it seems, just those lousy commerically made ones full of bean sprouts that all come out on the first bite.

shawarma question

This pic is from the Schwarma Palace (i just got it off the web) but if you google schwarma plate Ottawa you will get a lot of suggestions. It's been several years since I lived there but there is one place on Carling Ave. a bit east of the movie theatres that is good as I recall, and I've heard that the new one on Hazledean Rd. near Stittsville is pretty good, it's in one of the big box developments, but not sure of the name. For the most part they are all similiar but of course some better then others.

shawarma question

Coming from Ottawa I am very disappointed with the schwarma restaurants in Toronto. The portions are skimpy, they charge for too many extras that are included in other places, the garlic sauce is different, seems more emphasis on the hot sauce then the garlic. For the same price or less in Ottawa you would get an absolutely stuffed take out container with all the trimmings. Wouldn't have thought it would be a geographical thing but I've been to many here and always the same. I've attached an example pic, underneath is full of rice and potatoes.

Anyone know what chain/restaurant this is? New paint job on old Trafalgar Lick's (Oakville)

Ah, mystery solved! I've never heard of this franchise. It does look like the Zellers cafeteria so maybe that was what made it seem familiar.

Anyone know what chain/restaurant this is? New paint job on old Trafalgar Lick's (Oakville)

Looks so familiar and now it's bothering me! Didn't turn up much in google, other then it is leased by "Saffa Developments" but that didn't lead anywhere. Will be really curious to find the answer out eventually!

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

The East Ender on Queen E. is no more. For lease sign up in window. Was there a couple of months ago, was a one trip visit.

Leslieville Pumps

Well, it is a gas station after all....

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Que Supper Club on Queen East - closed.

Lunch Options (Airport Area)

I work in the area as well and struggle with lunch options as it is a bit of a wasteland. My biggest guilty pleasure is the chicken biryani at Biryani King, 680 Rexdale (strip mall near Woodbine racetrack). I usually get it once a week, and it's always good. Good sized container packed full of rice and two pieces of curry chicken. It's a great deal for $5 or $5.50 maybe now. Service is borderline rude and it is 100 degrees inside but I don't care as long as I get my biryani. Take out only.

One of the better chinese buffets I've found for lunch is the Shanghai Restaurant at Humber College/Hwy 27. Selection is quite good, not too big or too small and much better quality then some of the other places around. Very reasonable lunch, around $8 with tax give or take.

Mmmmmm.... lunch time now. May have to make a road trip.

Where can i get Morel Mushrooms?

Thanks all. I found them at Loblaws on Leslie. Dried of course.

Where can i get Morel Mushrooms?

I want to make chicken with a morel sauce, anyone know where I can buy some today? Fresh or dried.

Paulette's in Leslieville - any info?

Just moved to Leslieville and seems that there is no shortage of fried chicken options! Embarrased to say (kind of) that I tried the fried chicken at the Starbanks convenience store at Queen and Broadview (called Chester Chicken) and find it pretty damn good! Really good quality meat, not greasy, moist and flavourful. Have picked up a breast or wing about 5 times in 8 days as a snack. Always great, even at 3 am.

Looking for nachos with shredded lettuce on them.

Yes, that is where I had them also! Bad food but was no surprise to that.... was just there for a couple beer.

Looking for nachos with shredded lettuce on them.

Personally I don't care for lettuce on mine, but as a matter of fact I had some last night at Hoops Sports Bar and they had shredded lettuce. Overall they weren't that great for $16 though. If not mistaken the last place I had them also put lettuce on them, perhaps it was the Firkin or Hair of the Dog. Really hard to find really good nachos here, no cheese and too sparse.

What foods do you refuse to eat?

Same for me, ate most of a stalk of baby bananas when I was about 4, puked and never ate one again (40 plus years later)..... even the smell turns my stomach today.

May 02, 2012
HandPay in General Topics

Help some visitors to Toronto? Weekend of Feb.10th-12th.

So MaddieCay, where did you end up going and how was it?

Burger's Priest 3rd best according to Zagat

I did end up going to BP last night. Was expecting a mob, but only a few people ahead of me. Not what I expected at all. Extremely small space, the customers waiting for their food and to order kept sidestepping around each other. While I had no complaints about the food, I don't get what all the fuss is about. A good cheeseburger, but I have had similiar ones from road side chip wagons. Fries were good. Canned drink. $10 plus change. I would eat there again, if I happened to be in the area, but not a place I would make a special trip to.

Side note, I saw on the other posts that people mentioned stools and a shelf to eat at. No more I guess, now there are signs that say no eating so it's take out only I guess!

Things you thought you didn't need but were wrong about, and things you thought you needed but really didn't

Things I didn't think I needed, but did:

Rice cooker (love not having to watch it and just let it sit until I am ready)

Immersion blender - so handy for cream soups and other dishes from time to time. One without electrical tape all down cord to cover burnt patches from hot stove burner would be good.

Smaller collander - use it to wash rice or to strain things, easy to clean and doesn't fill up the sink.

Good quality large wooden pepper mill - possibly stolen from the Loose Moose in kingston after a night of too much drinking many many years back.

Kitchen tongs - can do everything and anything with these. Learned that from working in restaurants years back. Just the cheap ones, nothing fancy required.

Dishwashing brush

Things I don't need:

Wafflemaker - what a waste of space. Been years.

Magic Bullet - a Xmas gift years back. Never used.

Digital wireless oven thermometer - useless, batteries all corroded when I took it out one year for a turkey.

Coffee Grinder - too much work, too little benefit.

Mortar and Pestle - kind of on fence, sure I will use it for something other then smushing mint for mohitos.

Popover pans - had to have them, drove all over the city and paid $30 for a six cup rack. Used twice. Very good popovers though.

Oven Mitts. Take up too much space, dishtowels work just as well for me. Odd fire aside.

Cast Iron Skillet that I have moved around from house to house. Can't bring myself to throw it out but doesn't look clean enough to cook in anymore.

Kitchen Canisters - does anyone still have these? Flour, Sugar, Tea and one for junk bits and parts.

More coookie sheets, one which I swear will only be for cookies and won't look like something from Chernobyl.

Giant sized French White casserole dish. Only fits in the basement.

Paninni Grill - fun for a month or two, then to the top back shelf to die.

More then one good quality cutting board

Poultry skewers

Glue Gun

Mini handheld vacuum

Veggie steamer basket insert

Double boiler pan that always comes with the set
Pampered Chef "food gun" with various attachments. To much space for fancy devilled eggs twice a year.

Things I want:

Individual oven safe serving dishes (like French Onion Soup bowls) or individual casserole dishes for dinner parties. Always seems too much of an impulse buy for something that I won't use that often, but want them.

One of the fancy cast iron colourful oven casserole dishes, the French name. Maybe from Winners someday.

Things I can't believe they sell and people buy:

Hotdog and bun steaming machine.

Slushie Drink Machine / Margarita Maker

electric pizza maker

Cotton Candy Maker

I coiuld go on and on, just take a stroll through a department store kitchen section, or sorse, a Home Sense or big box retailer like Linens and Things.

Feb 09, 2012
HandPay in Cookware

Burger's Priest 3rd best according to Zagat

I finally had plans to go to Burger Priest tonight, now I am not so sure, will be busier then ever after today's press!

Best Lunch Picks - St. Lawrence Market

There is also a Ukrainian place in the basement of the Market Building, I have tried several things from there and all very good (cabbage rolls, perogies, chicken schnitzel). They have hot food and pretty reasonable. One of my must dropy by spots when I go there.

Chow-worthy near Scotiabank Place (Kanata/Ottawa) ??

Here are my suggestions..... Fratelli's at Kanata Signature Center (very close to Scotiabank Place). Would need a reservation on a hockey night.

I usually go to Cabotto's - it's a quick trip to the rink from there, nice atmosphere, old stone house, great food and a popular spot for pre game meals.

Frozen Supermarket Pizza - What is the best? (moved from the Ontario board)

[MOD NOTE: this was moved from the Ontario board, so please help the OP by limiting recommendations to brands available in Canada.]

My guilty pleasure is Dr. Oetker's spinach pizza. They go on sale for less then $4 sometimes and I will pick up a couple. Makes a satisying dinner for a late home from work night. Got to have the Frank's Red Hot sauce on hand and a pass of the pepper grinder. Can eat it all in one sitting and don't have that over stuffed feeling. Have also tried the McCain's ultra thin crust spinach pizza, good, but not as good. Anyone else tried anything better along these lines?

Feb 04, 2012
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Ideas for leftover fresh basil?

Mmmm, that sounds tasty. Maybe it will give me an excuse to use the Magic Bullet someone bought me a couple of years ago but have never used! Thanks for the idea.

Feb 04, 2012
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