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Need help Chow Hounders ..Soon Lee Restaurant still around ?

Then you probably remember our family's big round table right out of the kitchen where we all fit to eat our lunch & dinner.

And, I wonder if you also remember a gigantic colorful rectangular 7up clock right above the big round table...

Need help Chow Hounders ..Soon Lee Restaurant still around ?

Hi smobron, I had some time today and decided to google my parents restaurant and see what will pop up. I found your message right away on Chow. The name was "Soon Lee Restaurant" and was located on Bryant and 16th street . I was a teenager at that time. My siblings and I grew up helping out after school everyday. We all learned how to cook tasty Mandarin style dishes. The most popular dishes were: Kung Pao Shrimp, (the garlic prawns you mentioned), Mongolian Beef, Mu Shu Pork , Hot & Sour Soup. It was one of the first Mandarin Cuisine cooking. I am honored that you remember our restaurant.