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Solo ribeye steak in Manhattan

Hey all,

Staying in Manhattan for two days, I'm looking for the best ribeye for a solo diner.

I know theres plenty of amazing places (Peter Lugers, Strip House, Keens, Del Friscos, Palm, Wolfgangs, etc etc.) but due to the fact that I'm solo (no need for 2-people porterhouses) without lead time for a reservation (Peter Lugers), I'm looking for some recommendations.

Without much concern for ambiance/sides/drinks... just looking for the best ribeye with no frills. Ideas?

Feb 19, 2013
thetek in Manhattan

I need dinner suggestions for a picnic basket. Going to The Hollywood Bowl...


7253 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Jul 20, 2012
thetek in Los Angeles Area

Hollywood Chow-ography!

Italian sandwich place: All About the Bread off Melrose and La Brea. It might not exactly be Bay Cities, but its close and pretty damn good.

Its not really close, but if you're in the area, off of La Cienega and Venice Blvd at night (a little north at the car wash next to McDonalds during the day) is the El Gallito taco truck. Fantastic tacos and horchata!

Apr 27, 2012
thetek in Los Angeles Area

Hollywood Chow-ography!

I don't claim Boar's Head as the best in the area, I'm just not hip to any deli's around other than Greenblatt's that has good sandwiches. I'd love to know of any other recommendations you have however.

Apr 25, 2012
thetek in Los Angeles Area

Hollywood Chow-ography!

I live very close to where you signed your lease, a lot of people have named some great spots. There is an amazing Indian place just down the street on Sunset, by the Pinkberry. Gate of India is phenomenal.

There's two Joe's Pizza, essentially equi-distance, on Hollywood Blvd and Wilcox and one off Sunset Blvd and a few blocks down from La Cienega.

Ralph's has pretty good sandwiches for the dollar, for $7/8 you get a sandwich loaded with some good quality Boar's Head meat.

El Compadre on Sunset has some good margaritas (in walking distance) and some decent Mexican food.

Crazy Rock 'n Sushi is on La Brea and Santa Monica and has some pretty good prices throughout the day on rolls.

Down past La Cienega on Sunset is Poquito Mas, which has excellent burritos.

Apr 13, 2012
thetek in Los Angeles Area

Value Ngiri Sushi near Hollywood/West Hollywood

I know sushi has been done to death, but I've done plenty of searching and haven't found that many great suggestions that aren't 5 years old.

I've been looking for a place that has great value sushi with no regard for the ambiance/atmosphere. The sushi doesn't have to be the absolute best, but it should be fresh but great for the price. I'm not going there with a party or a date, just something for me to quickly eat or take out when I have a sudden urge for sushi.

Hole in the walls are welcome. Any suggestions and some insight on what to expect to pay?


Jan 31, 2012
thetek in Los Angeles Area