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Romantic Weekday Lunch in DC/NoVa?

Thanks for all these great suggestions! Since we live in Alexandria, and have the whole day off, I think we're going to choose something a bit farther afield and save Restaurant Eve for a day we can just get away for a nice lunch. Bibianna, Proof, PS7 and Estadio are all looking tempting!

Romantic Weekday Lunch in DC/NoVa?

My husband and I are having our first "date day" in 2 years next Friday. I'd love suggestions for a nice place to have a nice, leisurely, romantic, non-kid- friendly lunch in DC or close-in Virginia, preferably in a neighborhood that's nice to walk around or has other attractions. Price isn't a big concern, so expensive is okay as long as the food is worth it. No preferences on cuisine, although it needs to have a vegetarian-friendly option.

Any ideas? Thanks!