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MSP--- Trader Joe's to Open in Woodbury

I am a soon-to-be Chicago transplant and TJ's is where I do pretty much all my grocery shopping...isn't there one in Mpls?

Baby friendly dinner near Embassy Suites downtown?

There are alot of restuarants by your hotel. The area you will be in sees alot of tourists so babies tend to be pretty tolerated at alot of the places. To name a few,I would try:

Bistro 110
110 E Pearson St

Harry Caray's Restaurant
33 W. Kinzie Street, 60610
p: (312)828-0966

Lawry's The Prime Rib
100 E. Ontario Street, 60611
p: (312)787-5000

700 E. Grand Avenue, 60611
p: (312)644-7482

Rosebud on Rush
720 N. Rush Street, 60611
p: (312)266-6444

Coco Pazzo Cafe
636 N. St. Clair St.
Chicago, IL 60611

Grand Lux Cafe
600 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

Heaven on Seven
600 N. Michigan Ave.,
entrance on the corner of Rush and Ohio Streets, 312-280-7774

Bistro 110
110 East Pearson Street, Chicago, IL 60611

Sep 24, 2007
kellybeegee in Chicago Area

MSP "Best of" Lists

No mentions of Thai yet...any recommendations on MSP Thai Rests??

MSP "Best of" Lists

Funny, but no I did not read that article...I just noticed the great supply of coffeehousee and/or bakeries on lamost every corner or block.

MSP "Best of" Lists

there seems to be no shortage of bakeries and sweets in Mpls!!
Seems one would be able to find a place to appease their sweet tooth quite easily....

MSP "Best of" Lists

I really liked Victor's but HATED the Bad Waitress

MSP "Best of" Lists

I am thinking we will settle in South Minneapolis.
A couple of years ago we went to a place two blocks from my husband's parents called "Grand Bakery". It is closed now, but it did give me a glimpse into the nieghborhood rest scene there. I really liked it, too bad it closed...

MSP "Best of" Lists

How does Duplex in Uptown (if you have been) compare with most Mpls restaurants?
I was there and thought it was average....

MSP "Best of" Lists

I was flabbergasted when CityPages announced Buca de Beppo as Best Italian??!! Really?

MSP "Best of" Lists

Yes, I agree kate. It seems the same names keep coming up.
Your list looks great.
One type of food that seems to be lacking in Mpls (and completely abundent in Chicago) is Italian and Mexican. Do you have any Italian and/or Mexican recommedations?

MSP "Best of" Lists

My husband and I are moving from Chicago to Mpls and the one thing I worry about is lack if truly good food. I guess we could be considered "foodies" and have eaten in some of the best restaurants in both Chicago and New York. But we are definitely looking forward to finding great places to eat in Mpls too! I would love to get locals and Chicago/New York transplants opinions on the best places for good food within all price ranges. We would really like to stay away from chains (we have eaten at Au Bon Pain and Buca plenty of times). What are your picks??