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Cape Cod...Chatham in Winter

Glad you liked Del Mar. I don't know that it gets as many mentions on Chowhound as some other local establishments but we've always enjoyed it and it's popular with a broad spectrum of locals and summer visitors.
Re: timing of your next trip- September, shading into early October, is a great time on the Cape. Also, weather forecast dependent (which is true anytime), June (with the possible exception of the last week) can be really sweet. The major crowds occur between that last week in June and Labor Day.

Cape Cod...Chatham in Winter

Most places will be open but you should check with them re: New Year's Eve availability. Because of the popularity of First Night events many places could be booked up. I agree with previous poster's recommendations. I can recommend the Impudent Oyster or the Del Mar in Chatham. The suggestions in Orleans could be good choices if First Night festivities in Chatham are not what you are seeking.

Restaurants from Hyannis to Provincetown, plus Nantucket

I would stick with 28 Atlantic and Impudent Oyster over CBI, they are both still excellent. Also in Chatham I can recommend Del Mar or (new) Bluefins Sushi & Sake bar. We are pleased to have a sushi restaurant here in Chatham. Have been once and were impressed.
We were in Provincetown in June and had wonderful meals at Devon's, Jimmie's Hideaway and the Mews. Did not eat at Mac's, but were very impressed with the fish market and wouldn't hesitate to eat at the restaurant.

HELP! Why are my potstickers/dumplings so dry?

I have been reading a lot lately about sausage making and some principles there may apply to your problem. There is a lot in common between potsticker fillings and sausage fillings. The amount of salt and/or soy sauce in the recipe, as well as the mixing time/technique may be the issue. See this site for an explanation. Fattydumplin's post re: mixing seems to fit in with this.

May 25, 2013
Daveinchatm in Home Cooking

Cape Cod Bound (Hyannis)!

Hanger B is closed right now. If you are coming to Chatham, I'd recommend the Impudent Oyster for lunch or dinner or Del Mar for dinner.

Can't stop thinking about Cape Cod!! Need suggestions for summer seafood near Brewster.

All good suggestions from my point of view. I would add Phoenix Fruit & Produce on Cove Road in Orleans and place it somewhere near the top for fresh produce.