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Any reason why beef shank isn't as popular to cook?

Go CHEAP CUTS!!! Under rated, beer braise the shank. pretend its a stew, big chunks of the typical veg, one whole beer, and let her go. once done (2.5+hr) remove the undesirables, suck the marrow out, put the bones in the freez until your ready to make a stock. slice the meat and place over a mound of rice or mash-taders then place the veg and some broth across the meat.
I'm not sure why people complain about "gamey" or "tough" cuts. My take is this; if you can create a good/great meal out of a cheap or less than perfect cut of meat no matter the source, your doing doing a good job. remember Port was once a "peasant" drink.

Jan 30, 2012
smelliott in Home Cooking