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URGENT - Hong Kong Airport: 2-Hour Morning Layover

Thanks everyone. Really appreciate the great suggestion. Looks like the Tim Ho Wan in IFC will work. I was also told about a restaurant called Metropol. Beside the location, any comments on the difference b/w Tim Ho Wan & Metropol? Thx again.

URGENT - Hong Kong Airport: 2-Hour Morning Layover

In couple of weeks, we will be transiting through HK airport...arriving at 6;30 AM and departing at 1:00 PM. Do Dim Sum restaurants open around 9 or 9:30AM? if so, we'd really apprecaite it if you could recommend good dim sum restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui or near IFC mall. I promised the gang dim sum and it'd be a shame to have the team experience only the HK airport food. thx a bunch.