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Amarillo Valentines

My wife and I will be in Amarillo for valentines. What do ya'll suggest for a nice dinner? (not Big Texan) We are willing to drive for a bit if neccesary. (Hereford etc) Something overlooking the canyon would be ideal.

Jan 31, 2013
adamsonj in Texas

First Time at The Rosewood Mansion

I'm taking my wife to The Mansion this weekend. It will be a first for the both of us. What should we expect? It is hyped so much that I doubt it can live up to it. Any suggestions for what to order? I'm eyeing the wagyu strip

Dec 05, 2012
adamsonj in Dallas - Fort Worth

Which is better?

Very informative. Thank you very much. Never had Austrian so we will probably head to Jorg's

Aug 24, 2012
adamsonj in Dallas - Fort Worth

Which is better?

Jorg's in Plano or Bavarian Grill on Parker road ?

Aug 23, 2012
adamsonj in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dinner in Mt Vernon

I need a dinner spot in Mt Vernon or really anything east of Greenville out to Mt Vernon. What do y'all think?

Aug 02, 2012
adamsonj in Texas

Monroe and Bossier/Shreveport

What are some local favorites in these areas? Open to just about anything. I'll be passing through about lunch time

Jul 28, 2012
adamsonj in Central South

Cafe Izmir on Tuesdays

I know they have discounted Tapas on Tuesday what at what rate? I've heard half off...That true? If so, you know where I'll be tomorrow

Jul 23, 2012
adamsonj in Dallas - Fort Worth


What is the word on Tejano's over on Davis street? Friends tell me it is great but it has some mixed reviews. What do you ya'll think?

Jul 06, 2012
adamsonj in Dallas - Fort Worth

Recommendations for 1st Visit to Dallas/Ft. Worth in July

For Burgers I suggest Maple and Motor. I've been there several times and have not been disapointed yet.
Also, Jakes is a Dallas tradition
If you want some different Burgers (venison, Bison, Elk, and I want to say Kangaroo but dont quote me on that one) in a cool place check out Twisted Root

Jun 28, 2012
adamsonj in Dallas - Fort Worth

Lockhart BBQ

Roatripping down to Lockhart this weekend for some good ole BBQ. What do y'all suggest? Kreuz? Blacks? Smittys?

May 23, 2012
adamsonj in Dallas - Fort Worth

Prior to Tests at Baylor....BEST STEAK RESTAURANT ???

The porterhouse at Bob's Steak and Chop house can't be beat.Go to the location on lemmon

May 08, 2012
adamsonj in Dallas - Fort Worth

Sissy's on Henderson - Needs lots of work

I was there on Friday and enjoyed my experience. We had fried chicken which was very good. Better than Bubba's... ehh... undecided. The fried okra was our favorite item. ( Cut longways had a sweet taste to it.) The maccaroni and cheese was good as well. It was a unique and might not appeal to everyone, especially if you are looking for the traditional dish. Overall it was very good. I'll be returning soon

May 07, 2012
adamsonj in Dallas - Fort Worth

Where to dine in Amarillo?

looking for a nice dinner in Amarillo, preferably in or near downtown.What do y'all suggest?

Apr 01, 2012
adamsonj in Texas

Oysters DFW

Where can I find the best oysters on the half shell in DFW? Reasonably priced

Feb 27, 2012
adamsonj in Dallas - Fort Worth

Maple & Motor?

My fiance and I went and ya'll were notch. i suggest grilled onion and a fried egg on your chesseburger

Feb 24, 2012
adamsonj in Dallas - Fort Worth

Maple & Motor?

Have a hankerig for a burger while in dallas. Does Maple & Motor live up to the hype?

Feb 22, 2012
adamsonj in Dallas - Fort Worth

Lexington Va

Stopping in Lexington and was told I need to eat at the Southern Inn. What should I order?

Feb 17, 2012
adamsonj in Mid-Atlantic

Bobs on Lemmon vs Bobs at Omni hotel.

Considering a change to our usual dinner plans and are heading to Bobs. We have been to the Lemmon location several times and are always satisfied. What is y'alls opinion on the new Omni Hotel location?

Jan 30, 2012
adamsonj in Dallas - Fort Worth