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Haymishe Bagel Shop - Fire

I was there about 30 minutes before the fire started, buying what will now be my last loaf of Haymishe rye bread :( I've been shopping there for over 30 years, since I was a teenager and my family lived in the neighbourhood. I can't believe how sad I am about this.......

I understand it was also pretty well regarded among Torontonians with Celiac disease for its quality and variety of gluten free products - a loss in that regard too. I'm very glad no one was hurt, and I'll have to start searching for a replacement bread.

Which restaurants do you visit most frequently?

I like trying new restaurants, so I wouldn't really say I frequent many. In the last 18 months, the restaurants I've dined at multiple times would only include:

Ravi's Soup
Rodney's Oyster House

Rye with Caraway served at Splendido Restaurant

Yes! I eat their rye bread (with kimmel) regularly, and almost exclusively. I agree it's the best caraway rye I've ever had. And, yes, it has a sourdough base, as all good rye breads should have.

I find it interesting that this long-standing Jewish bakery also has some of the best gluten-free baked goods in the city (so say a few friends who eat gluten-free). I see they have a lot of gluten-free varieties.

100 Foods to Eat Before You Die - Toronto/GTA Edition

I had a lovely venison stew at Corner House last night - good deep, rich flavours without being overly gamey. It also came with spaetzle as a side (added bonus for the list)

Winterlicious 2012 menus are out - anything CH worthy?

I had a Winterlicious dinner at Corner House last night - group of 3, my first time there. The food was lovely and I was very impressed with the restaurant atmosphere (it's not too cramped, and I liked the homey feeling) and our service. They had a very full house and it's a very small place, so it's a place you want to dine earlier in the evening - we were the only ones waiting for our table at 6:45 (wait was just 2-3 minutes), but when we left 90 minutes later there were people lined up in the barely-there front entrance as well as in the upstairs hallway.

As for the menu, it was nicely varied and the food was really nice. Between the 3 of us, we had salads (arugula or pear) for starts, black cod (tasty and buttery-soft), Angus striploin (perfect texture, nice flavour, perfectly prepared), and venison stew (deep flavour, not overly gamey) for mains, and flour-less chocolate torte or sticky toffee pudding for desert (the toffee pudding was about the best dessert I've ever had). Portions were actually the perfect size - the portion of stew looked small when I got it, but was perfectly satisfying once I had eaten it - my dining companions said the same.

Really nice meal, really bad timing with respect to reservations. They have an early-evening prix fix menu (5:30p-6:30p) during the rest of the year, and I'll probably take advantage of that in the future.

CH Best of the GTA for 2012 - Results

I voted for two Toronto Cantonese restaurants, at different ends of the price and style line: Lai Wah Heen is wonderful Cantonese, though high end, and Rol San is great for quick, crowded, noisy lunches on Spadina (great dim sum).

Shopping Mall Food Court Favourites

I agree on Villa Madina - that was the first thing that came to mind when I read the headline of this thread. They are actually my second choice at a food court if they are there - first choice is The Soup Nutsy, but I don't see the Soup Nutsy very often.

100 Foods to Eat Before You Die - Toronto/GTA Edition

Durian is available in a lot of grocery stores - the one that comes to mind first is the RCSuperstore in Scarborough.

For raw oysters, Rodney's Oyster House gets my vote.

I had a great float at Gale's diner - a unique atmosphere, but that's where I'd get my root beer float (and they're <$2)

You can't get good lox or bagels in the grocery store - I vote for bagels from Hamishe Bakery on Bathurst if you like the NY style (and I do - hate Montreal style bagels), and lox from United Bakers at Bathurst and Lawrence (but don't get the bagels there). Actually, I make my own lox, but before I knew how, that's where I got it.

The best gumbo I've had in Toronto has been at Harlem.

Great baba ghanoush at Jerusalem, but it's pretty easy to find at most delis.

Chowhounds best 10 Resturants in GTA - 2012 version

My choices, in no particular order:

The Stockyards
Lai Toh Heen
Mengrai Gourmet Thai
Rodney's Oyster House
Rol San
Glazale (Bloor location)