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Restaurant with really good burger and mac and cheese?

Thanks for the replies so far--this is great.

Blue Smoke sounds like a good choice. I'm always wary of mac n cheese at BBQ joints, since I feel they tend to lean more towards easy mac then real homemade mac and cheese, but I'll have to give theirs a try.

I love Good Enough to Eat for brunch but have never thought to go there for non-breakfast food. I bet it's good though, based on the quality of their brunch!

And I've heard great things about Dumont Burger, so if I can get my boyfriend to trek out to Brooklyn, that would definitely be an option!

Feb 07, 2012
moto87 in Manhattan

Restaurant with really good burger and mac and cheese?

I know there are tons of threads about the best burger in the city, and others about the best mac n cheese, but can anyone recommend a restaurant that has a really good burger AND mac n cheese? They're two of my boyfriend's favorite dishes, and I'm looking for a restaurant that has stellar versions of both. And if they have mashed potatoes as well on their menu, that would be an added plus.

Feb 03, 2012
moto87 in Manhattan