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Rice Cooker: useful?

And my rice cooker was purchased @ the Japanese department store @ AlaMoana Center in Honolulu THIRTY SEVEN years ago, and is still going strong. Not one of my six kids survived college without a smaller version, either. Unfortunately, that means six rice cookers are residing, unused, in my attic, to this day.
Wondering what reactions will be to ice cream machines, twenty years from now.

Is Fido Invited?

When is it OK to bring your dog to a party? NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!
I have four dogs, labs and wheaties, and entertain regularly. The dogs spend the prep time, guest time, and clean up time in the master bedroom. (They outgrew their kennels a long time ago.)
During the party, I take them from the bedroom, through the kitchen, and out to the yard several times. They are always happy to be returned to the bedroom, and instinctively know that mingling is not appreciated. I will admit, there are the inevitable guests who sneak into the bedroom to play with the dogs instead of the humans, but that's their choice. I wouldn't inflict dogs on guests in my own home, much less at someone else's event.
This query has got to be a faked.

Midwest Airlines' Chocolate Chip Cookie

These cookies are available as frozen dough balls from many supermarkets, so you are not required to fly in order to enjoy!
Produced by Best Maid Cookie Company in River Falls, WI.
32 to a box which has "Midwest Airlines" all over it, and they are
kosher dairy. Good luck finding them while still on the ground!

Artichoke, Garlic, and Cheese Dip (perfect for Thanksgiving)

skip the cream cheese, use shredded mozzarella,
and halve the mayo! can only be improved by
pulsing it all up in a food processor. for utter perfection,
make that two cans of art. hts.

Classic Mashed Potatoes

Oh, but the cooked potatos must be put through a potato ricer
whilst they are still hot, before adding butter, cream, onions, etc.