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I bought my nephew an Easy Bake Oven for Xmas

I bought one for my 3 1/2 yr old. also. I thought for sure he would open it and love it. Well I was way wrong. He opened it, saw the girl on the box and looked at me and said 'Oh, I think this is for uou Mom'. I laughed and said it was for boys and girls. He started crying a little saying it was for girls and I just kept reassuring him that it was for boys too. I told him 'see their is blue and purple on the box too'. Later I overheard him telling my Dad that he got his own oven from Santa and that it was for girls AND boys. Interesting that a three yr old would be bothered by something like that. His best friend is a girl and nothing has ever come up that he said he didn't want to do because it was for girls. I was surprised but then I started watching the ads on TV between his cartoons and they can be very gender specific. I think Hasbro needs to come out with a
Non gender specific color scheme on their packaging and put both sexes on the box. The oven they do make for boys makes, I believe, inedible bugs and creepy crawlies. That's great but these lids want to eat their creations not play with them. I remember my oven was a Holly Hobby oven or something like that, but it was yellow and brown. Hasbro needs to think nostalgia. By the way, my husband had an Easy Bake and he is 200% man.

Jan 26, 2012
Pazkez in Not About Food