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Urban Restaurant Suggestions

Hey guys,

I previously asked where to go for a quiet, romantic dinner and you guys didn't let me down by directing me to North Pond. I had a great meal there.

This time I'm looking for a restaurant that isn't so high-end, but still has very high quality food. Ideally (without alcohol) I'd be looking to spend around $100 for two. I would love a high energy place with a good ambiance. The only request is that the restaurant isn't classified as serving American food. I've briefly considered Carnivale but wasn't completely sold.

Any suggestions? I'll be dining April 21'st.

Thank you,

Mar 27, 2012
Dubyasee in Chicago Area

MK vs. North Pond vs. Other Suggestions

Hi all,

I am arriving in Chicago from out of town and want to treat my girlfriend to a delightful meal. I want it to be a really solid dinner without breaking the bank. $200 without wine is around the upper end of my comfortable price range. I'm booking about 4 weeks out so I can get a reservation at both MK and North Pond on a Saturday night, however not being from Chicago I cannot decided which one to go to! What is most important to me is the quality of the food. I'm leaning towards North Pond just for the overall experience of the location and view but I am not set on it. If y'all have any other suggestions that you think would suit us better, I'm more than open to taking them.

Thank you very much!

P.S. We have to take a cab into the city no matter what, so location is not of the utmost importance.

Jan 26, 2012
Dubyasee in Chicago Area