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clotted cream... anywhere in the Twin Cities?

we recently traveled to the UK and I am dreaming of the fresh clotted cream that I would delightfully smear on scones during Cream Tea. it was my favorite treat during our trip. does anyone know of a place in the Twin Cities to buy a good quality, homemade clotted cream... or some place that has imported from Devon? thank you much for any suggestions :)

booya festivals this fall

Good afternoon! has anyone seen a schedule of booya festivals / feeds in the St Paul area for 2010? this is one our favorite fall traditions... but perhaps it is yet too early for the festivals to be announced. thanks!!

romantic restaurant near MSP airport?

hi everyone... I am meeting up with a friend near MSP soon, and I am not familiar with the area. He asked me to pick the restaurant that we would go to. I'm looking for someplace with a really nice atmosphere (romantic would be good!) with cocktails and good food (a little expensive is okay, but prefer mid-range prices). Someplace that is conducive to intimate conversation. Thanks for any help you can provide!! Happy Holidays! :)

Wisconsin Dells????

I second Moosejaw. The Dells is pretty dead after summer is over, but Moosejaw is operating and popular year-round. The atmosphere is warm and inviting... place is really beautiful inside, in a kind of log lodge style. It has crackling fireplaces on cold days, and a high loft dining area, where my daughter was delighted to sit and be able to look down at the lower level dining room. My boyfriend and I went there last January when there were below zero temperatures outside, and the only drawback to this place was that there is no double-entry foyer to break the wind... the frigid wind blew right into the big main diningroom and people nearest the door were wearing their coats! We made a request to sit away from the door and were led to a back dining room, and the friendly staff sat us at a table right next to a fireplace with a roaring fire. Moosejaw also has their own micro-brews, if that appeals to you. We ordered a micro-brew sampler that came out on a wooden tray with 4-oz glasses to sample from... fun sharing between two people!

looking for great pasticcio dish in twin cities

thanks! exactly what I was looking for. :-)

wineries in/near madison, wi?

wineries in/near madison, wi?

I second this recommendation. Wollersheim is a beautiful place with historic buildings and great wine. I love the Prairie Fume - light and crisp. I cannot find it here in my new home in Minnesota - they don't sell it on this side of the St. Croix River. This wine has won many awards, and I have not found it's equal yet.

MSP--- Trader Joe's to Open in Woodbury

yes, I saw it from Hudson Road one day and was all excited to check it out on my lunch hour.... it appeared to already be open, with the signage in place, etc... but when I drove up, I could see the dust and tarps and emptiness of the store through the glass and was disappointed...... but thanks for the update! Now I know when to check back. :-) my brother and I always used to walk to Trader Joe's, down the colonial streets in Alexandria, VA when I would fly down there to visit him and play D.C. tourist... TJ's is the only place he ever shopped for groceries.

[MSP] to TDQ, discovery in White Bear Lake (north of St. Paul)

Hi, TDQ... you mentioned that you'd like to hear about good places in the area that I live (north of St. Paul), and I found a really delightful place in White Bear Lake in the downtown area (3rd and Washington) called Washington Square Bar and Grill.

In the warm weather, there is an outdoor garden dining area with umbrella tables set up... it is a beautiful place to sit on a Sunday morning and sip a bloody mary and read the newspaper or people-watch. I went there this Saturday with my 10-year-old daughter and we sat under a small tree that hung over our table. The only drawback (being that it is fall now) that I had a leaf fall into my coffee - twice! But that was part of the fun of our experience... my daughter thought it was hilarious. :-)

I would like to recommend their Cajun Breakfast... WONDERFUL!! My daughter dug a pen out of her little purse and I jotted the description from the menu onto a napkin:

"Hash browns with onions, red and green peppers, covered with melted cheese and topped with two eggs, Hollandaise sauce and a touch of cayenne pepper. Served with toast: $7.50 Served with Andouille, chorizo or Italian sausage: $9.95"

I ordered mine with chorizo mixed in.... it was wonderful. I do recommend this stop for breakfast someday out in the garden while the weather is nice.

But when the weather gets colder, they have an area inside that is sure to be cozy and quite pleasant. Their glass & brick bar/dining area is inviting and has a fireplace built into the brick wall with tables right near it. I think this is an ideal location to sit and enjoy a Sunday morning bloody mary and breakfast in the winter months. The bartender told me that they have that fireplace burning all the way into May. As for the bar at night on the weekends, a close friend of mine says it gets a bit loud with a good mix of people, and they have a great selection of beers, and live music on occasion. :-)

Here is their website, with menu and reviews:


I hope you can find your way up there somtime. :-)

Lunds/Byerly's New Gelato [MSP]

everyone... I love this board!! you all have me running all over the cities finding great treasures. as some of you know, I just moved here from Milwaukee. I have never heard of Lunds/Byerly's until reading this post. And last night my boyfriend and I were driving around south of St. Paul and I asked him if we could stop at Byerly's in Eagan, so I could pick up some soup and french bread and this gelato to try it out!!

I was absolutely delighted with the place... especially the beautiful desserts at the bakery!! I usually hate grocery shopping... I don't care for Cub or Festival... but the experience at Byerly's was fun for me. I also like going to Kowalski's in Woodbury for lunch... and loading up on pasta salads. :-)

Jay... I bought the tiramisu flavor gelato... it was delicious. we were dipping into it in the truck on our drive home, I didn't want to wait. :-) thanks for the recommendation!

any recommendations for good hot wings in St Paul area?

I just moved here from Milwaukee... and back there, my friends and I discovered a great hole-in-the-wall bar west of the city with 10-cent wings on Tuesday nights.... we'd get a group together and each toss money into the middle of the table and buy ourselves $10 or $15 in wings and a couple pitchers of beer and FEAST. The wings arrived in a great pile on a platter, without sauce... the sauce was in squeeze bottles, all different kinds to dip into. The wings were piping-hot, meaty and juicy... the best ever!!!

I'd love to find something comparable here... (I live and work in the north and east suburbs of St. Paul). We tried Buffalo Wild Wings and they were a bit spendy... and not too impressive... they were a bit shrunken looking, like they'd been under a heat lamp. I'm not saying that the place is terrible... maybe it was the time of day that we ended up strolling in. Perhaps they are awesome during a rush when they are constantly being made fresh. But this hot wing experience wasn't too great.

Are there any out-of-the-way places that are known for their great hot wings? And any great happy hour recommendations would be greatly appreciated here too. :-) I get those cravings for wings and beer quite often!


[MSP] Booya--Twin Cities

thank you for posting this! I am brand-new to the Twin Cities .... a transplant from Milwaukee, now living in Vadnais Heights. no one down there has ever heard of *booya*... they don't have booyas down there (or at least, not that I ever heard of). my sister lives in Green Bay, and yet, I still never heard of this. I can't wait to attend. :-)

Vadnais Heights just recently had a festival and booya, and I didn't know what that meant - now I wish I would have checked it out. my family and I love to attend community functions. Vadnais Heights had a *Taste of..." community festival at the fire house, and we had the greatest time (LOTS of free samples... I think we spent all of $7 for the three of us and we were stuffed).

Anyway, thanks again for opening my eyes to booya. :-)

looking for great pasticcio dish in twin cities

one more question on this topic... I found a good recipe to attempt to make my own pastitsio. is there a good grocer in the Twin Cities that may sell the hard-to-find noodles for this dish?

looking for great pasticcio dish in twin cities

thanks for your recommendations, bob!! can't wait to try It's Greek To Me. :-)

looking for great pasticcio dish in twin cities

how about this place: I read about it today on a review... looks like a beautiful place and the prices are just right. anyone ever try it?

looking for great pasticcio dish in twin cities

Anyone have a great Greek restaurant to recommend with good authentic, home cooking? I LOVE pasticcio... the macaroni with meat sauce and nutmeg-laced b├ęchamel sauce baked on top! I'd love to find this at a local restaurant in St Paul or Minneapolis. Thanks for any recommendations! :-)