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Cardinal Rule on Roncesvalles Ave - Anyone been yet?

I had Sunday brunch there last summer around June or so and was satisfied. I had the hawaiian stuffed french toast with an extra side of bacon, and was actually very impressed. The pineapple chutney was definiely fresh cut pineapple so Im not sure if its just seasonal when they can get fresh pineapple or what has changed, and I can understand that with canned pineapple the result would be a fraction as good. Hopefully they fix that back up.
$4 for a side of bacon seemed a little steep but it went so well with the french toast, peameal bacon, pineapple, and syrup I'm willing to look past that.
My girlfriend had the breakfast pie and really enjoyed it.
Breakfast x2, coffee, an orange juice and a pint of beer, came to around $40 which seemed like a fair deal. Haven't been back since though as I dont make it down to the Roncesvalles area often as I should.

Feb 07, 2012
Honto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Bertucci's on College

I'd like to ask this same question. Its 7 years since this was originally posted, and the building of Bertucci's still sits looking the same way it has since moving to the neighbourhood 3 years ago.

I just called the number I found online and someone answered, and said that they are renovating and don't have a scheduled opening date. But seriously, how can a place spend numerous years on end renovating? Makes me wonder what's really going on inside the place right now. *shift eyes*

Jan 26, 2012
Honto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)