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What is your current "List"? (i.e. places you want to try)

Bar Ravel
Ruby Watchco
Jollybee (when they open)

Sushi - Kaji plus....

Second the mention of Yasu. Very enjoyable experience. Two straight hours of sushi, a piece at a time.
Also enjoy Zen, Kaji and Cafe Michi. And also JaBistro.

Tunnel Barbeque closing

For ribs, not so much. But can't find any other place that makes this particular pineapple torte. They used to use crushed hazelnuts around the outside. Many other cake favourites will be forever gone since no one else makes them. Seaside Bakery in Amhertsburg used to make the same pineapple torte.

Tunnel Barbeque closing

Last chance for their pineapple torte!

Quick Sweet-tooth fix in Nashville

Apr 27, 2014
Yimahaji in Kentucky & Tennessee

Quick Sweet-tooth fix in Nashville

Apr 19, 2014
Yimahaji in Kentucky & Tennessee

Quick Sweet-tooth fix in Nashville

Visiting from T.O. in May and looking for must-try sweets, including donuts, cupcakes, chocolate, waffles, southern-specific stuff....where you can grab and go without sitting through a meal.

Have regular meals planned at Husk and Rolf & Daughters and will fit in Hattie B's, Arnold's Kitchen, Rotier's, Pancake Pantry, Germantown and Peg Leg Porker where we can.

I've read the Nashville Lifestyle listings as well and wondering if some things on their list are a must (under Nashville's Most Irresistible Chocolate Chip Cookies article)

But have to find some sugar for the afternoons.

Apr 18, 2014
Yimahaji in Kentucky & Tennessee

Good Restaurants around Fairview Mall

Café Michi's close by. So is a good greasy burger joint on Victoria park just south of sheppard

Chowhounds best 10 restaurants in GTA - 2014 voting

Have been to these others in past eighteen months;
Edulis, Bestellen, Bar Isabel, George, Grand Electric, Hiro, Splendido, JaBistro, Bahn Mi Boys, Kinton, Kingyo, Guu, Hopgoods Foodliner, Hapa Izakaya, Yang's, Queen and Beaver, Daisho, Momofuku Noodle Bar, Maple Yip, Rock Lobster, Odd Seoul, Ryoji, Santouka, Stockyards, Barque, Stock and while we've had great meals at these wonderful places, my top ten included those that I would drive longer distances for or make reservations far in advance for or just wait in line for.

Chowhounds best 10 restaurants in GTA - 2014 voting

1) Shoto
2) Cafe Boulud
3) Patria
4) Buca
5) Zen
6) Jacob and Co
7) The Oxley
8) Pizzeria Libretto
9) Casa Imperial
10) Cafe Michi

Weekend Dining Adventure

Love Copper Chimney but it is at Avenue/Wilson, not really close to Shopping or other resto's, unless you subway to Yorkdale Mall, then cab it to C.C. (10 minutes or less from the mall). Yorkdale Mall has expanded recently with a lot of U.S. branches as well as some U.K. ones.

Eaton Centre/Queen Street downtown is closer to Khao San Road, Sabai Sabai, JaBistro, Banh Mi Boys, Jacob, Rodney's, Starfish. There's been an explosion of Japanese noodle and izakaya type places in the past year including Kinton, Sensotai etc all downtown.

Yorkville is close to Café Boulud (not on your daughter's list of food types though).

Always wanted to try Richmond Station. Love Patria but found it pricey.

Legend Chinese Restaurant - terrible service (long)

Went there recently and post-meal, really can't understand why they had Chinese customers there. Singapore rice noodles were bland with uneven spicing. Hot plate beef and hot plate oysters were very watery with no sizzle. You can see the copious amounts of thin water in each plate in the pics. Maybe other items on menu are their forte.

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Yep, he's tired of running his own place and may work at someone else's place

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Heard that Mikado on Laird closing June 16th. We're going to miss this fantastic sushi spot. It is our favourite, authentic Japanese spot for amazing food.

Amy's Baking Company-Scottsdale

Quite the reputation that place has on Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. More YouTube hits than any other segment he's done.

May 11, 2013
Yimahaji in Phoenix

Prepared meals

Here's one...

I believe Rose Reisen also has something similar

Can't Miss

Also, in last year, many Izakaya's and Ramen Noodle places opened up. Ryoji or Kinton or Santouka (Ryoji and Santouka are based in Japan while Kinton is related to Guu).

Can't Miss

I second Sushi Kaji. If it's not too late, and price no object, I'd say definitely Hashimoto (

Hero Certified Burgers....What the $^%#!!!!!

Banh Mi Boys!! Love the pork.

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

I favour Halibut as well, even if it's not the type if fish traditionally used in Britain. Seems meatier and less oily.

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

Nice pic, now I'm hungry again, lol. Where was your fav fish shop/London place? (Going in 1 month)

JaBistro- wow

I'm happy I went to JABistro before reading his review. I came across a hint of a suggestion that Zen people might open something around Yonge and St. Clair. Anything else out there on that?

Toronto Ramen Roundup?

1) Ryoji - rich, opague, home-made like broth

2) Kinton - liked the spice level and pork fat

3) Santouka

4) Kingyo - just noodles, no pork fat in bowl

5) Momofuku - MSG effect, +++post thirst

6) A-OK - not my style

7) Ajisen

8) Spring Rolls - left alot uneaten

Still need to try Sansotei, Raijin, Nejibee and Kenzo

Pecorino Sardo from Sardinia

Finally got hold of some more Pecorino Sardo from Pascale Gourmet. Tried all the others mentioned here without success. One place said they had it, then didn't. Another had the wrong kind.
Like the sharpness of this cheese. Leaves a bit of tingling on the tip of the tongue.

Which restaurants do you visit most frequently?

Copper Chimney
Burger Priest

Visiting GTA Asian style - in search of Good food :)

I second Saigon Star.

For Indian, we like Copper Chimney on Avenue, just south of Wilson - nan, tandoori chicken, barbequed whole fish, prawns..

For Ramen we liked Ryoji, Kinton and Santouka. There's also Sansotei, Raijin, Momofuku noodle bar, Kingyo, A-OK. For Izakaya, we liked Ryoji and Kingyo (also like Hapa Izakaya but others disliked it) and Guu. But these places all seem to be downtown more.

If Thai, Sabai Sabai, or Khao San Road or Sukhothai.

Nice bunch of Korean pork bone soup places on Yonge between Sheppard and Finch

Momofuku Shoto (long)

We wore casual, dressy.

As an aside, one time I'd gone to Octogon in the middle of a sweltering summer wearing shorts. The staff had me wear dress pants from their supply. They were nice and apologetic about it and gave me some golf balls for my trouble.

In New Orleans, alot of older places require dress jackets.

O'Mei 'Giant Lobster 5 Ways' Chowmeet - A Brief Summary!

Looks and sounds amazing, absolutely mouth watering!

Sharing a steak in Toronto steakhouses

In the past I've always ordered Canadian beef with the belief that our inspection system was superior to the U.S. system. Unfortunately, since Mad Cow, Maple Leaf and the (recent) Alberta Abbatoire contamination incident, I know longer have faith in the Canadian food inspection system.
If only there was a system of verifying the farm to plate pedigree of beef the way restaurants in Toronto are graded....

That being said, my friend sticks to the Wagyu, and I've never had a bad steak experience there and would enjoy any and all of them.

Sharing a steak in Toronto steakhouses

I really do hope you get a chance to try them out. I've enjoyed their cuts each time I've been there. Haven't had a bad meal there ever.