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Inauguration Day Breakfast Options in SE

Le Pain Quotidien hopes to open by Friday, according to one of their managers. Obviously, things will be a bit rocky handling such crowds during their first week. Their normal hours have them opening at 7am on weekdays, so I would assume that will be the case next Tuesday.

Inauguration Day Breakfast Options in SE

Le Pain Quotidien is looking to be in the final stages of buildout right next to Peregrine Espresso at 7th and Pennsylvania. Can't say for sure if they will be open by Inauguration but they had hoped to be open by Christmas, so maybe.

Also, the Market Lunch counter inside Eastern Market is open by 7am and serves some nice greasy breakfast sandwiches. Get "the brick".

CSA's in NoVa/DC

We are shareholders with waterpenny farm ( and have been very happy (sometimes overwhelmed) with our deliveries. They have a few drop-off points in arlington, but other than the one right near the clarendon metro, i'm not sure where they are.

We actually just went out to the farm on Labor Day for a tomato tasting and farm tour. They are doing a great job and it was really nice to meet them.

They don't, however, do fruit (other than melons), so we have been hitting the farmer's markets to supplement our veggie delivery.

MSP/STP: Where to Get Your Favorite Latte (or latte-like beverage)

kopplins is amazing. for those who haven't yet, get over there and have a coffee on the clover. the clover is what many see as the future of coffee brewing equipment and is able to really capture the nuance possible in a great craft-roasted coffee. their coffee is from paradise roasters in ramsey, a roastery that has caught national attention with amazing coffee sourcing.

also, peter middlecamp of the black sheep coffee cafe was a finalist at the United States Barista Championship this past May. definitely worth the trip.

(i know what you mean about tryst. my office is around the corner in adams morgan and i'm friends with their coffee trainer)