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Filipino food on the west side?

I've been craving some Filipino food. Are there any options/suggestions on the west side?

Apr 30, 2014
madluv4tai in Los Angeles Area

K-zo or Sushi Sushi for omakase?

I was thinking of getting omakase to celebrate Mother's Day. Which do you recommend for omakase? K-zo in Culver City, or Sushi Sushi in Beverly Hills?
I believe their prices are roughly the same (Under $100 per person).
What about taste? Quality? Quantity? Service? Atmosphere?
We don't want a place that is too cramped or has a long wait

Apr 29, 2014
madluv4tai in Los Angeles Area

Dining-In vs Take-Out

takeout means picking up the food at the restaurant, not to be confused with "delivery", which is having the food brought to your home.

I tip for delivery but not on takeout

Mar 06, 2012
madluv4tai in Not About Food

Any memories of "poor people food" from your childhood that you still crave?

I remember the rice with canned sardines in tomato sauce days!! .... but I don't miss it

Jan 28, 2012
madluv4tai in General Topics

Key lime pie on the Westside?

omg! thanks for the suggestion! I just looked up the bakery, and its 0.2 miles from where I live! I will check it out this week!

Jan 23, 2012
madluv4tai in Los Angeles Area

Key lime pie on the Westside?

I live on the Westside and I never had key lime pie. Is there a place where I can find good key lime pie in the area?

Jan 23, 2012
madluv4tai in Los Angeles Area

Advice: Wisdom Tooth Extraction, what to eat?

After 1 day of jamba juice and soup (do not suck using a straw!) I got sick of liquids really fast. By day 2, I insisted on eating mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs and pho. It was kind of gross cleaning out the sockets in the gums, but being able to eat solids was so worth it! Cold treats feels good in the mouth like yogurts and pudding.
Good luck!

Jan 23, 2012
madluv4tai in General Topics

What exactly is your definition of "baking"?

You generally roast food that has structure already, solid foods such as meats and vegetables. You generally bake foods that don’t have much structure until they are baked: cakes, breads, pies, casseroles, crème brulee, etc.

In other words, you bake leavened items - items that “puff up” or “rise” during the cooking process. In baking, aside from just “cooking” the food, the goal is to either create steam or expand air pockets within the target food.

Jan 23, 2012
madluv4tai in General Topics

Union Buffet and pho 99, wilshire and barrington.

I like the food at both Union Buffet and Pho99.
I don't understand why Union Buffet has such low stars on Yelp. The food is asian (mainly chinese), which is decent for westside Chinese food (it's impossible to get good Chinese food on westside, so I will settle for decent). And for the price of $14 per person for the dinner buffet, which includes crab, oysters sashimi, duck, fish, its a great price.

Pho99 is one of the best places to get pho on the westside (once again, I settle for decent pho, over driving to Westminster for good pho. Don't bother eating at places like Pho Citi or Pho Show, they are just terrible). I just hate their crappy service, and them demanding you to tip in cash. Even though we all know that servers rely on tips for their income, but *expecting* a tip, and demanding for it in cash is just beyond rude.

Jan 23, 2012
madluv4tai in Los Angeles Area

Why Is Tea at Coffee Bars So Bad?

it drives me crazy that when I want to meet up with some friends at a coffee shop, there are just no good tea options available! How hard is it to get a good quality cup of tea?

I once ordered an unsweetened iced tea. The barista placed the tea bag in a cup, filled the cup with 3/4 full with ice cubes, then filled up the remainder of the cup with hot water.
You read that correctly.
I was served lukewarm light-brownish water for $3.
I felt too rude to demand a refund, as the barista was friendly and talkative. But now that I look back, I should have.

Jan 23, 2012
madluv4tai in Features