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Returning Food - My Moral Dilemma

Perhaps this stuff isn't thrown away in merciful places. I'm lucky enough to travel these days. It wasn't always the case for either my husband or I and we worked in kitchens. These days if we're at an American restaurant with huge portions, and we're leaving town, we ask for a doggy bag. Then we ask our server to gift it to the neediest person in the kitchen like the dishwasher. This takes the liability out of the restaurants hands. We get some pretty surprised reactions but they always do it.

Apr 08, 2013
sagewisdom in Not About Food

business dining Ft. Lauderdale

Thanks so much. Any thoughts on Yolo (somewhat mor causal I think) and 954 Steak?

business dining Ft. Lauderdale

We will be in Ft Lauderdale at Harbor Beach Marriot for a week of business meetings. Any reccommendations for dinner on the corporate tab? There's the usual Capitol Grille but we can have that anywhere. Probably 10 - 12 people from mostly Chicago. Looking for service, atmosphere and probably plenty of seafood & steak ( though some of us (me) are more adventurous. Is Casa d'Angelo suitable? These folks like italian too. The menu looks right.