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3 nights in Calgary

Thanks, those look like some great recommendations
My shortlist is (in order):

-Open Range
-District Tavern
-Model Milk
-Peters' Shake (nostalgia tastes good)
-Galaxy Diner

Doubt I'll have time to hit them all, but it is good to have goals

Your Banff picks are a bit out of my price range, any additional recommendations in the area would be appreciated

Now I just need to find somewhere to buy a good saskatoon berry pie and I am set!

Aug 13, 2012
pablo_13 in Prairie Provinces

3 nights in Calgary

I am visiting the City for 2-3 days in October as well and looking for some resto recommendations for my wife and newborn who have never sampled Alberta fare. As a former Calgarian, I know a number of the cheap eats that I should look for (Peter's, Galaxy Diner, Tubby Dog), but I am looking for some 'authentic' Calgary restos (that is, those specializing in BEEF!) that aren't too high-end.

I was thinking Palominos could be a good casual option, but what other options could people suggest for a great steak.

We will also be heading out to the Banff/Canmore area for a few days...any can't miss spots?? Most the boards I have read seem to point towards casual places in Canmore (Rocky Mtn Flatbreads, Grizzly Paw)...any other highlights??


Aug 13, 2012
pablo_13 in Prairie Provinces