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Best breakfast in Dallas- Fort Worth

I've been to busy bees in Atlanta which was ridiculously good. We ordered almost all the items on the menu and still got seconds. Where can I find the best breakfast spot in fort worth ?

Mar 26, 2014
yosky112 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Must go in Fort Worth Texas ??? (Best steak, best BBQ, your favorites)

Coming from NYC Going to Fort Worth Texas in 2 weeks any suggestions for places we must eat at. Looking for a steakhouse, a BBQ joint, a burger, hole in the walls. I want to know what the hidden treasures are in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Thanks all

Mar 25, 2014
yosky112 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Going to the final four looking for places to eat in atlanta ga around the georgia dome

Im going to the final four this year and am trying to find some good places to eat. whether there burger joints or bakeries. where should i take my friends?

Jan 06, 2013
yosky112 in Atlanta

Best Red Velvet in Westchester?

I've had Lulu's Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. the frosting is amazing but the cupcakes don't have the real Red Velvet taste. Any places you know that has a good Red Velvet please write. Thanks

Best Chili? Westchester/Hudson Valley

ive heard great things about Pat's Hubba Hubba in portchester. Havnt been yet. They dont yet have a website.

sorry state of fried chicken in westchester

Not exactly fried chicken, but fried chicken (nuggets for lack of a better term) at chicken joes in New Rochelle, are amazing. I love Chicken Joes, i know they have fried chicken also but ive never tried it. When i go i get a ground rule double (1/2lbs of chicken, chili, cheese, fries and cones - fried mashed potato balls and a soda) its amazing and only 9 dollars for a ton of food. Im curious to see how there fried chicken is. Heres the website

Boca Raton Resturants?

I know that boca raton isn't a foodie place but i'm sure there are a few good places. Anything thats good please share. Sandwiches, Bagels, Pizza, Meat, Seafood, Desserts, etc.. Please share anything you like, Im going to boca for a few days i will also be able to get to surrounding areas.

Feb 10, 2012
yosky112 in Florida

Pecan Pie Westchester?

Im wondering if anyone knows where i can get a good pecan pie. I love pecan pie.

Best Sushi in Lower Westchester

the fish is very fresh, but i only order by the piece, no rolls

Best Sushi in Lower Westchester

i went last week. i go there a lot.

Best Sushi in Lower Westchester

I've been to a lot of places for sushi. The best sushi i've ever had is at Azuma, in Hartsdale. There is no better place in Westchester.

Best Mexican Food in Westchester?

I know port chester has some good mexican food, what do you think?

Best Sandwiches in westchester?

I know this question is broad, but for chicken cutlets i like dantes in white plains, and rockies in milwood, i also like gianonnis. Im looking for your favorite sandwiches. Write the resturants name, the sandwiches name, and its ingredients.

Rockies, Milwood
*No Name*
Chicken cutlet, honey mustard, mozzarella, bacon, lettuce, tomato on a hero

this is just for fun.

Best Gyro's in Westchester?

Im wondering where you can get the best Gyro's in westchester. Ive been to Lefteris Gyro, its pretty good, but im wondering i theres something better. I've heard of Santorini, any thoughts?