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Scott Pampuch leaves Corner Table

Is it really that possible that Dan and Chad his sous chefs don't have the same ideals, the same commitment? They are there sweating it through a service with or without SP, putting their heart into it ... do people really think that the second SP turns his back that they go for a smoke break and start opening hidden tubs of Miracle Whip? Maybe we should stop listening to chef-obsessed press who need something juicy to talk about and start watching how kitchens work.

Terrible Service at Victory 44

Is it discrediting or is it discussion?

Don't people come on here to hear varying opinions? No one is denying the experience, just maybe sharing their own perspective on it?

I have had nothing but fun at V44, but I logged on to find out what others think because I know the restaurants are living organisms that change every day with every revolution of humans through the door.

If this were a place with all Bob's Is Great = Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. then why log on?

Sea Salt Eatery

They are open right now! They did a sneaky open, until 8pm tonight.


Does anyone remember Louie's Habit in Wayzata? That was some fat sliced, unctuous, spice edged goodness. sigh.

Where to get Corned Beef?

Try the Farm Direct Market at Heartland ... they had corned beef and cabbage made from local products that was outstanding and not that expensive. Russo is a genius with cabbage.


Out of the 10 pizzas on the menu, maybe one has a cream-base sauce instead of a red one. It seems like a strange way to characterize their pizza. Although we found it to be a bit bland. And there were two pastas, we tried a gnocchi with marinara and a penne bolo, which were both rather 'meh' but it was day 2 of operation.

BBQ, Minnesota Monthly, Q Fanatic

MSP has a rundown of some spots including Mr. BBQ and Sassy Pig , has anyone been to JC's?

Awesome Fried Chicken MSP?

Amen to the broaster! Check out The Lookout in Maple Grove.

Zen Mpls closed again?

Does anyone know what's up with Zen in Uptown? They have a temporarily closed sign on the door with target re-opening dates that keep getting crossed off. No one answers the phone, there's no message either.

Maybe I just don't like hamburgers - Bulldog NE [MSP]

Amen on your kobe rant, MSPD. Talk about the sham of all shams.

Maybe I just don't like hamburgers - Bulldog NE [MSP]

Bulldog is hit or miss on temp, and that makes or breaks a burger for me.

I wanted to hate Smashy, but I looooved it for a thin burger. It beat out my Culver's craving for crusty edges and sloppy toppings.

I've had two misses at Blue Door, but I'll keep trying. I love pink, but totally raw in the middle was a little much.

What about the burger @ 112? The grind is beautiful, the meat flavored with onions and thyme, the cheese is brie and the english muffin rocks it. It's a good bomb.

St Paul, France 44 cheese and sandwiches

Soft opening today!! 1573 Grand Ave. Don't expect the world ... they're still stocking up. But they do have tasty sandwiches and Ben the cheesemonger is quite helpful.

MSP - Burger Jones opens today

Just got back from 5 Guys and I don't get the hype. They only cook it well-done and it was devoid of juice and flavor. It was an amazingly sub-average burger.

Flip side, had Smashburger last week and thought it was so good, I ordered another on the spot. Retained just a hint of pink, even though it was a thin buger, and juice like mad.

Culvers double deluxe will always hold a special place in my heart for the killer crusty edges.

MSP: Hot Dogs

It seems that Chicago and NY have hot dog love that none can match, so no matter what, you'll have to settle. You're sure to run into a lot of Vienna dogs.

Uncle Franky's is fun and they have a nice variety of pilings.
The Wienery is funky and divey with a ton of specialty dogs, and you can get them Mexican-style (wrapped in bacon).
Bulldog Uptown (important, not NE or Lowertown as much) has a pretty long dog menu. Again divey, not so much a shack.

414 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454

Bulldog Restaurant
2549 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55405

new gold nugget mpls

It is bright and shiny and new. The old space was a funky divey bar with wood paneling and the new space is very pub-chic in the new development that took over the block. The guys who bought it from the Doug Carlson wanted to keep it friendly and burger centric, but have buffed up the menu and actually hired a chef. It was jam packed last friday night, burgers were good.

[MSP] 3/50 Project: Grassroots Economic Stimulus--which three local restaurants will you chose?

Did you hear that the guys behind Rotisseria will be selling chicken out in Minnetonka soon?

[MSP] 3/50 Project: Grassroots Economic Stimulus--which three local restaurants will you chose?

Just FYI: Gangchen is run by Tibetan owners. Not a Pham restaurant. But still fun and yummy.

MSP: Best Eggs Benedict??

Has anyone tried Fat Nat's? They understand yolk consistency.

Manny's has a short-rib bennie.
20.21 has a bennie with a pastrami-hash.
Zumbro uses striato toast.

Need some MSP date night suggestions

I agree Bradstreet. Great cocktails, you can order a bunch of small plates, watch the pretty people preen. Have you tried Barrio yet? Or Red Stag.

[Twin Cities] Fish Fry!

Just heard that St. Albert the Great (E. 29th St. at 32nd Ave S in Mpls) is serving baked and fried pollack (as well as veggie spaghetti) on Fridays, with the BINGO in March. Kids under 5 eat free, adults $10.

Post-run Valentines Brunch this Sat [MSP]

Cafe Twenty-Eight in Linden Hills off of Harriet ... spectacular brunch, Larry Schultz eggs, Fisher Farms bacon, killer corncakes and almost nothing over $10. But it is tiny, and it is popular, so a wait it likely ...

Cafe Twenty-Eight
2724 W 43rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55410

[Twin Cities] Fish Fry!

Can you count Red Stag's Friday Fish Fry menu?

I know it's not the true 'Scani experience, you need a lawn chair and good can of Point for that...

Chili in MSP

Oh, I'm with you. It's more for the fact that she's going to say, "Can we just pop in some where for a quick drink and some cowboy food" and I want to be prepared. She's not a big snob, just likes to see how her world is interpreted by others. She thinks chili in The Nati is a funny way to eat dessert. :) And she's uber excited to eat at Heartland.

Chili in MSP

Does anyone have any opinions about the best chili in town? I have a friend coming in from Texas this weekend and I'd love to show her a great TC version of cowboy food (and we're pit roasting ribs at home). She thinks we eat flour and wild rice.

Quality Indian in MSP

That's on my list this weekend. So is the new Gandhi Mahal over next to Midori's on E. Lake St.

As a tourist, do you plan your trips around food?

Clearly. Being married to a chef has meant glorious forays into the food cultures of many cities while on Eating Trips. Although two dinners every night can get to be a little much...On our own time, we tend to wander a bit more, but with foreknowledge of the area's bounty. This board is my bible for overseas research.

How many of you have become beacons for your friends? I can't tell you the amount of calls I get that start with "I'll be in XXX for a conference, where should I eat?" I'm on the board today researching best hits in Amesterdam for a friend's business trip.

Mar 12, 2008
sporkgirl in General Topics

4 days 4 top restaurants

I've done all the biggees and been happy, but one of the most memorable food-focused meals I've had was a tasting-menu meal at Telepan where the service and food blew us all away. Simple elegance. Another hint: check out the James Beard list nominees for the best NY chefs....

Mar 12, 2008
sporkgirl in Manhattan

Chocolate Croissant in the Twin Cities?

Have you been to Butter (3544 Grand Ave. S/Mpls)? Stacy Sowinski is a pastry goddess, known more for chocolate eclairs, but turning out all sorts of yummies, including croissants.

You should also go to the Colossal Cafe (E. 42nd St./Mpls) and say goodbye to their flips and flappers: pancakes wrapped around fresh fruit and whipped cream...

Client dinner (10 people) in D.C. - suggestions needed

The Oceanaire Seafood Room is a swank kinda place that's fun. They have very fresh seafood in both straighforward (simply grilled or broiled, crab cakes, steamed mussels etc) or interesting preps (black and bleu marlin, soy blasted mahi mahi).

Plus they have an enormous chocolate brownie thing and all sorts of retro desserts. Wine list is great too, might be a little pricey.