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Phila CH in search of Italian in Chicago

43 East Ohio Street

Jul 16, 2015
Bodhrani in Chicago Area

African restaurants

I don't think there's much in that area, but here's a start:

Aug 18, 2014
Bodhrani in Chicago Area

Thai ingredients and groceries north of Chicago?

Eat lunch or dinner at your neighborhood Thai restaurant in Libertyville and ask the owner for local Thai shopping suggestions. They'd be the likely best resource for you. And if there are no Thai groceries in your area, the restaurant might be persuaded to sell you the ingredients you seek.

Or you could go the mail order route:

A similar Yelp thread here:

Sep 09, 2013
Bodhrani in Chicago Area

Request for Chicago-only Dining Experience

El Ideas for high end experimental cuisine in an atmosphere of: intimate dinner party meets performance art. I'm not sure if there's anyplace exactly like this anywhere.

Go up to the 95th floor of the Hancock for drinks & spectacular views from high above the city.

A pastoral dinner in Lincoln Park at North Pond.

Chicago is home to many subcultures and ethnic groups, some of which are well represented here:
--Svea in Andersonville, cheap, good Swedish breakfast food in what feels like a small town Midwestern diner. Or Tre Kronor for more ambitious Swedish food. A hundred years ago, Scandinavians were a major ethnic group in Chicago. (They've assimilated and melted into the dominant culture, but can still be found.)
--Honey One Barbecue or Smoque for ribs & brisket. There is a thriving Chicago barbecue scene, much of it on the South Side.
--You could spend a lifetime exploring the Chicago Soul Food, Cajun, Haitian, Belizian & African restaurants of the African diaspora. The Illinois Central railroad brought thousands of African-Americans up from the South, in search of a better life. Their restaurants abound.
--Chief O'Neill's for a cozy Irish pub dinner. Go on a Wednesday night at 8:00 to hear some of the Chicago traditional Irish music scene, which is unrivalled anywhere in the US but for New York or Boston. Some of the greatest Irish musicians in the world call Chicago home.
--Hang out with Chicago bicycle messengers at the Handlebar, a subculture foreign even to many Chicagoans.
--Enjoy the LGBT crowd at Hamburger Mary's or at many other places in Andersonville or Boys Town (Halsted/Belmont).

Enjoy Chicago!

Place to eat close to Green Mill

You're all set for Magnolia Cafe, but for others using this thread for their own purposes, I'll toss out there the new (weeks old) branch of Chinatown's Lao Sze Chuan, located about 3 doors north of the Green Mill at 4832 N Broadway. The "Lamb with Cumin" or "Chef's Special Dried Chili Chicken" are both very good. It's a smaller, hipper, boozier version of the Chinatown Szechuan fave. I enjoyed a very nice dinner there last weekend.

Oct 21, 2012
Bodhrani in Chicago Area

Any "hole-in-the-wall" Indian restaurant near the Loop that costs at most 20 dollars per person?

Real "hole-in-the-wall" ethnic eateries in Chicago are generally patronized mostly by cab drivers and are as authentic as they come. Some Indo-Pak standouts:

Tabaq: 1245 N Clybourn

Pakiza: 1011 N Orleans

Baba Palace: 334 W Chicago

A very useful review site for precisely these kind of unseen cabbie hangouts (many sporting prayer rooms in back):

Oct 04, 2012
Bodhrani in Chicago Area

Sonoran food described as "bland"

I just read this useful and entertaining exchange, but Google reveals the Reverend's unfortunate demise, before responding to the final plea in this thread:

In this thread, above, he describes his father's last meal on his deathbed. I wonder what the Reverend's last meal turned out to be?

~Rest in peace, Reverend Canon John Clinton Fowler~

Mar 10, 2012
Bodhrani in Southwest

Portuguese Food in Chicago?

The Portuguese seem to have disappeared in Chicago since the 1980's, when there were at least two restaurants: Lisboa Antica, located on Wells, on the block north of North Avenue, near Second City; and a little storefront place, whose name I've forgotten, in Albany Park, on Kedzie near Leland. Don't know of any open these days.

Mar 10, 2012
Bodhrani in Chicago Area

Chicago & Milwaukee?

That intersection is not the epicenter of fine dining in Chicago. I worked at that corner for several years and constantly struggled with the lack of good dining options. But there are options if you're willing to be underwhelmed.

D'Agostino's around the corner has decent red-sauce pasta and pizza/calzone or salad choices. Actually, I really like their shells with chicken, garlic/oil and pine nuts, but it's a simple dish I can just as easily make at home.

If you're really time-crunched, Pie-Eyed Pizza has pretty good pizza by the slice. I ate way too much of this, as it was something I could grab three minutes before I was due for work.

There's a pleasant neighborhood diner called Windy City Cafe. I've only gone there on weekend mornings for pancakes, waffles, bacon-and-eggs, but I've been happy with the food, the prices and the pleasant feel of the place. You'll have to do your own investigation of anything other than breakfast there, I'm afraid.

Further afield, there's Bari on Grand & May for sub sandwiches or the Twisted Spoke at Grand and Ogden for burgers and beer in a Disneyland version of a biker bar.

Don't know if the timing would work for you, but the dining room at the Kendall College culinary school (Halsted just north of the river) would probably make a very nice lunch spot, but I think they only open from noon to 1:30, so you may not have gotten to the dessert course before having to leave for your 1:00.

Never been there for lunch, but I've enjoyed a few dinners at Thalia Spice: asian fusion at Green & Chicago, in a pleasant room.

I can recommend Swim Cafe, a short walk west at Chicago & Ada Street, for coffee and a quick pastry if you just want something to tide you over before your appointment, so you can get a better late lunch out of the area.

Feb 05, 2012
Bodhrani in Chicago Area

Retro Chinese

Haven't been there in years, but there's a place in downtown Arlington Heights called Chin's that always seemed to be stuck in the year 1950. All the waiters were 60 year old guys wearing Hawaiian shirts and they brought you silly drinks with parasols and flags stuck in the massive amounts of fruit floating in the alcohol. The food was never that great and tended toward the egg foo yung/ chop suey ersatz versions of Chinese cuisine. It might be just what you're seeking.

Jan 22, 2012
Bodhrani in Chicago Area

Chinese restautant in northshore

Across from Joy Yee's, there's the 527 Cafe (527 Davis Street, Evanston), which has Taiwanese food, very different from the more familiar Cantonese. The food is good and relatively cheap, though the room has zero ambiance, it's all bright colored plastic and shiny surfaces. Not a date night place, but a great lunch spot.

There's an interesting pan-Asian place in Lake Bluff, called the Noodle Bar, which is an outpost of a small chain of noodle shops in Manhattan, New York City. It's an interesting mash-up of various East and Southeast Asian cuisines in pleasant surroundings.

Jan 22, 2012
Bodhrani in Chicago Area