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Worchestershire powderr

I saw Worcestershire Powder this morning at Pendery's 8th Avenue Fort Worth store this morning.

Given their long history and David Wade's DFW TV show maybe there is a connection.

Of course I will not date myself with David Wade, Icky Twerp (Bill Camfield), Harold Taft, Dave Naugle, and the other greats of DFW's television history.

Beef Cheeks

I go to Terry's but any Mexican market should have them. Ask for "Cachete de Res" (Beef Cheeks)

Any reason why beef shank isn't as popular to cook?

Here in Texas one finds beef shank in Caldo de Res (beef soup).
It is relatively easy to prepare at home and you can find lots of recipes on the web.
Some of the hispanic markets will have "kits" of the veggies trimmed and ready in a bundle to take home. All you need to add is the beef shank, water, and spices.
Many Tex Mex restaurants serve Caldo de Res on weekends along the the well known hangover cure Menudo.

Nov 13, 2012
The_keygrip in Home Cooking

Anyone have a Vitamix? [moved from Not About Food]

Love mine. One could make a smoothies out of bricks with it if so inclined. It is used daily for smoothies, soup, dressing, etc.
One thing. It is a big kitchen appliance, almost 21 inches tall and relatively heavy. You really need a place to have it ready to go anytime. Not just a blender that one pulls out of the cabinets on occasion.
Give it that spot and it will become part of the daily routine.
Woo hoo! I am a chow hound lurker for many moons and finally made a post. I hope it was of use.

Jan 22, 2012
The_keygrip in Cookware