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Restaurant reservations - proper way to be seated

I am the OP (OP means?) Thank you all for taking the time to respond. FYI - this was a small Peruvian restaurant in Bradenton Florida. It is located in a strip mall, and although the outside was not inviting, the reviews in Sarasota Magazine and E-Ticket made it worth a try.

There was no hostess, only servers. The thing that complicated the situation was the restuarant allowing the guest line to extend through the entranceway out onto the parking lot, blocking the doorway. We had to literally excuse ourselves just to get inside.

Though some of you disgree, I would again have asked the couple at the head of the line if they had reservations. Maybe where I went wrong was in not asking them if they had spoken to the waitress? If they hadn't should I have waited? I was't worried about them taking our table, as we were six and they two. Also we weren't in any great rush to be seated. All I wanted to do was to check in with the waitress and let her know we had arrived for our reservation, but the couple at the head of the line didn't give me a chance to do so before they started hollering at me.

I am uncertain if it was rude or imposing for me to talk to the other patrons. I thought I was being polite.

Thanks again all. I really appreciate it. From your responses I can see that at worst I was 50% wrong!

Jan 21, 2012
jrannem in Not About Food

Restaurant reservations - proper way to be seated

We had made a reservation at a restaurant for 7pm. We arrived on time to find a line of customers waiting to be seated. I approached the head of the line next to the cash register and asked the first party waiting to be seated if they had reservations. They said they didn't. I then turned toward the dining area waiting for assistance. As a waitress approached, I said to her that we had a reservation for 7pm. She acknowledged our reservation and said our table was ready, and motioned for me to follow her to the table.

The first party then began shouting at me that I was butting into the line and should go back to the beginning of the line. I was nonplussed, but refused to go to the back of the line. The two-person party continued to made a scene, hollering at me. I motioned to my party that our table was ready and we were then seated by the waitress. In doing so I asked another party waiting in line if I did something wrong. I was told I should have waited for the first party in line to be seated.

Did I act appropriately?

Jan 20, 2012
jrannem in Not About Food