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FDA restrictions keeping some great cheeses out of stores

For safety's sake you might want to eat your cheese from individually wrapped portions or shrink wrapped. I am a more adventurous eater.

Sep 04, 2014
Enigma3 in Cheese

Far-away Chains on your "To Do" List

Anything over an hour away is "far-away" to me. I'd like to try Ruth's Chris, Morton's, Bonefish Grill, and Shake Shack.

Sep 01, 2014
Enigma3 in Chains

Your favorite ham brand (coldcut)

Aldi's sells their sliced black forest ham in a deli package. Excellent!

Aug 21, 2014
Enigma3 in General Topics

Sansaire sous vide - my experience as a warning!

Sorry to hear of your trouble. I would contact "The Haggler" at the New York Times and relay your story. He is very good at ratting out this kind of abuse and getting a good response. Not perfect, but good. He publishes an occasional article in the Sunday Times business section.

Any company doing business in the US must have a US based office. I see a Seattle Washington office with a phone number. 425-202-6252. I'd have an attorney (or you) call that number every day until satisfied. I'd also blog your problem all over the internet. And let them know you will be doing this. Good luck. I know I'll be buying a sous vide machine soon. It won't be a Sansaire based on your experience.

One more. Did you buy it direct or through a dealer? If through a dealer, then get on them. To help, I will look up Sansaire dealers on the internet and let them know I will not be buying from them based on your troubles.

Aug 14, 2014
Enigma3 in Cookware

Would you buy this older KA Stand Mixer for $100?

I'd offer her $50 and negotiate too. It is very well built. It's easily worth $100 based on today's price. You will have no problems with it and will be able to pass it on to someone else. The big ones like that last for generations if used properly.

Jul 08, 2014
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Basic Pizza Dough

The best pizza dough contains no all purpose flour, only high gluten flour. Big difference.

Jun 12, 2014
Enigma3 in Recipes

Best of Louisville

Wherever you go, make sure they serve Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. Best beer I have ever had. Very difficult to get outside Kentucky.

Jun 12, 2014
Enigma3 in Kentucky & Tennessee

So annoyed with dinner guest

My problem with this most fascinating discussion is, as pointed out elsewhere, where is the BFF in all this?? Have you, thedanza, ever sat down with her for a heart to heart on hubby's behavior? You're a bit overdue on that one. Does BFF recognize his loutish behavior? He is clearly narcissistic so he will be very hard to reach. Impossible to change. If you hold back your feelings on this eventually it will damage your relationship with BFF.

"America’s 20 Best Barbecue Cities"


May 24, 2014
Enigma3 in San Diego

Why is there still a fight against GMO labeling?

We'll se what the future holds for GMO labeling as Vermont (if memory serves me right) now requires said labeling. Let's see how that progresses.

Theoretically, a federal labeling law sounds good at first glimpse, but we need to see how much it gets watered down with BS amendments. Washington is notorious for weakening bills into extinction (see Dodd-Frank). So I don't hold out any hope for Congress actually passing any GMO labeling bill with teeth in it.

The real question here is why do Monsanto and Dow and the rest of their ilk fight GMO labeling laws with millions of dollars when they say out the other corner of their collective mouths that we have nothing to fear? Nothing to fear? Then why not come clean. Reminds me of big oil fighting laws that would require them to tell us what chemicals are used in fracking. Nothing to fear folks, but we won't tell you what we are dumping down the holes. I do not trust any company that fights that kind of secrecy.

May 23, 2014
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cajun blackening seasoning recipe?

Paul's recipe is what I use. Can't go wrong. From his book "Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen". Love me some blackened fish!

May 21, 2014
Enigma3 in Home Cooking

AB in Mexico

You are so right. The Mayans detest outsiders who come to disrupt. Non-Mayans are relegated to their own area of Cancun. I see no trouble at all in Playa del Carmen. The Yucatan is safe. Safer than many areas in the USA.

May 21, 2014
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Wegman's Complaints

I like Wegman's. Been shopping there for years. However I do not like some recent trends I have seen there. Two specific complaints:

1. My Tops was out of Fage plain yogurt 2%. So off to Wegmans I go. First thing I noticed - no Fage. Lots of in house Wegmans brand but not my favorite yogurt. So I look and look and finally fine "Wegmans Super Yogurt pre&probiotic blended plain lowfat yogurt". Then I read the ingredient label - second ingredient listed is "organic sugar". Way to take a good product and ruin it. Mox nix how many healthy ingredients are in it, the sugar makes it useless to me. Fage 2% plain has no sugar. So I will wait for Tops to restock.

2. They have really dumbed down their bread recipes lately. I used to like the pani champagne and sourdough. Not any more. Way too much all purpose flour and not enough high gluten flour. Remember the days of Parisian sourdough? High gluten and a fantastic taste. There is no "pull" to their bread anymore. And don't bring up the gluten free crud. Good bread needs high gluten flour. Like good french bread.

There's a lot to like about Wegman's. Just not these two things.

May 13, 2014
Enigma3 in Chains

Great chilli con carne recipe to make out here in the (French) sticks

It's not chili without peppers. Mild or smoked paprika is good. I us Gebhardts chili powder to get the taste of chili peppers without the heat. Don't forget the oregano and cumin.

May 02, 2014
Enigma3 in Home Cooking

Best? Most Useful? Countertop Utensil Container

Any good wide mouth vase. I use an old Denby Jar and a chinese vase. Too many utensils for just one.

Apr 26, 2014
Enigma3 in Cookware


Re: Bosch dishwashers.

The more you pay, the quieter it is. Go to their site and you will see db levels for all models. The more expensive ones have more insulation, thus, quieter. Bosch is the best quality dishwasher made today.

Apr 25, 2014
Enigma3 in Cookware

What is your favorite store bought cookie ?

Second Walker's shortbread.

Apr 18, 2014
Enigma3 in General Topics

dishwasher detergent

Most likely it is the lack of phosphates in the detergent. Use a rinse aid and a spoonful of trisodium phosphate, available at a good hardware store. If your state does not allow TSP to be sold, get it from Ebay or Amazon.

Apr 15, 2014
Enigma3 in Cookware

DTW. Dead chef estate sales

Second Ebay. Largest kitchenwares store in the world.

Apr 14, 2014
Enigma3 in Great Lakes

counter depth fridge

We have a regular depth reefer on a wall of cabinets. I took out the wallboard behind the reefer and then turned the studs sideways. The board at the bottom was left the same as the reefer slid over that. The wallboard was not replaced. That will gain about 2 1/2 inches using 2X4's and, as with us, 4 1/2 inches when using 2X6's. That was all the room we needed to make a regular depth reefer look like a counter depth one. Easiest solution I know of.

Apr 10, 2014
Enigma3 in Cookware

What food or foods is your town known for ?

I live midway between Rochester and Syracuse NY. I am very grateful to have a Dinosaur Barbeque in each town. Been going since 1988 about 6 months after Syracuse opened. They do it right.

Apr 06, 2014
Enigma3 in General Topics

Steak knives....

I would scan Ebay for a nice vintage set. Many years ago I landed a set of 6 Case Russell Case steak knives in a red leather presentation case. A prized culinary treasure. Many times I have seen a set of 6 Case steak knives in mother of pearl for a reasonable price. You should land a nice set for less than $100. Class.

Apr 06, 2014
Enigma3 in Cookware

Sansaire sous vide - my experience as a warning!


Mar 26, 2014
Enigma3 in Cookware

Another Chocolate Chip Cookie Problem: Once Flat, Now Puffy

Softened butter, not melted, is a key. The quality of the butter is important too.
Disagree on vanilla. I use the real thing.

Mar 24, 2014
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your favorite vintage cookbooks

Also I'm a big fan of the Junior League cookbooks.

Beyond Parsley, J.L. of Kansas City

The Junior League Celebration Cookbook

Colorado Cache Cookbook

And one more. Not exacty vintage, but a classic;

New York Cookbook, Molly O'Neill

Mar 11, 2014
Enigma3 in Food Media & News

your favorite vintage cookbooks

My favorite "vintage" cookbooks:

A Treasury of Great Recipes, Vincent & Mary Price

Love an Dishes, Niccolo Quattrociocchi

The Complete Galloping Gourmet Cookbook, Graham Kerr

The LL Bean Book of New England Cookery, J&E Jones

Any Ford Times Cookbook

Great Chefs cookbooks

Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Child et all

Craig Claiborne's Favorites (a series)

I also have a few old Mexican and Spanish cookbooks

Old New Orleans and surrounding area cookbooks (like Recipes From Antoine's Kitchen)

I have several older restaurant recipe cookbooks.

These are the ones that I have. Love them. I'm always looking.

Mar 11, 2014
Enigma3 in Food Media & News

How do you make skirt steaks tender?

Marinade and tenderize.
Th best marinade is, as has been noted, pineapple juice. It is better than other acidic citrus juices.
The other night I watched an Iron Chef America episode on flank steak with Morimoto. He used a Jaccard tenderizer with gusto on the steak. I acquired one. Works like a champ. Flank steak, skirt steak. Works great.

Mar 06, 2014
Enigma3 in Home Cooking

I HATE My Kitchenaide Mixer! Here's Why

If you are thinking of ditching the KA, look at Kenwood. The motor output is more than twice the KA's.

Mar 04, 2014
Enigma3 in Cookware

microplane, i need a good one. please advise.

Give a look to the ones made by Jaccard.

Mar 04, 2014
Enigma3 in Cookware

New to posting, but sure need the ChowHounds! Need stove help fast!!

I was unaware of Gullo until reading your post. Now THAT is a most impressive range! My oh my. That would be my first choice with Bonnet running a close second.

Mar 01, 2014
Enigma3 in Cookware