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Gluten-free in Malden?

Thanks again everyone. I really wanted to avoid large chains, so this is what we ended up with. We had beef pho noodle soups at Pho Hoa in Malden. They don't have a gluten free menu, but I read enough about Vietnamese restaurants in general to feel comfortable ordering a basic beef noodle soup for my cousin. We made sure that they don't use soy. We ordered fantastic pizzas from Nana's on Main Street in Everett. They have a gluten free menu that includes pizza, wings, and salads. They deliver to Malden. We also ate at Four Burgers downtown. They have a gluten free bun, and their sides (including French Fries!) are guaranteed gluten-free. I introduced my cousin to the wonderful world of American baked goods through whoopie pies at Modern Pastry.

Gluten-free in Malden?

Thanks everyone. I was hoping to avoid chain restaurants, but it seems like regular restaurants still don't quite get the whole gluten-free situation. I might try calling a few before she gets here and see what they have to say.

Gluten-free in Malden?

I have a cousin coming from Italy. She needs to eat gluten-free. Does anyone have experience with eating gluten-free here in Malden? I have heard that Vietnamese is generally safe, and Abiata advertises gluten-free bread. Any suggestions and warnings are welcome.

Baba Market in Malden

Has anyone else been to the new Baba Supermarket in Malden? It's on Pleasant St. near city hall. I've gone in three times now. The felafel sandwiches are great. A good felafel is something that has been missing in downtown Malden. Even better than the sandwiches are the groceries though. It's a near eastern market, and I've found all sorts of specialty items there - bulk olives, couscous, dried beans and lentils, coffees and teas, packaged sweets. They are also selling meat and breads, although I haven't tried these yet.