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Tokyo and Kyoto -- Input Please!

Hi all, My wife and I will be in Tokyo and Kyoto the end of this month and beginning of December. You all have provided amazing advice in the past, so we'd thought we'd try again for some comments on our restaurant selections. The schedule is:

Day 1
Dinner -- Yoshitake or Mizutani
Day 2 (Sunday)
Dinner -- Rakutei
Day 3
Dinner -- Ryugin
Day 4
Lunch -- Sawada
Dinner -- Ishikawa
Day 5
Lunch -- Jiro Ginza
Dinner -- Hashiguchi or Mizutani

Day 6
Dinner -- Hyotei
Day 7
Lunch -- Honke Owariya Honton
Dinner -- Kitcho Arashiyama Honten
Day 8
Dinner -- Chihana

I know Day 5 is sushi heavy (as is our entire stay in Tokyo I suppose), but that's just the way the schedule worked out.

Our main question is, based on our double bookings, we basically have to choose two of Yoshitake, Mizutani or Hashiguchi. Which one should we drop?

And any other comments or glaring omissions you can provide would be much appreciated as always. It's not listed, but we're planning on more casual/informal lunches and late night snacks to experience different cuisines, etc.



Nov 03, 2014
ericdw in Japan

Florence, Tuscany and Rome

Hi all, We're planning another (kinda) last minute trip and could use some help. What do you think of this itinerary? It's mostly based on friends' recommendations and searching this forum. There are a bunch of gaps (mostly lunches) that we could use some help with too.

Day 1
dinner at Enoteca Pinchiorri
Day 2
lunch at ‘Ino
dinner at La Giostra
Day 3
lunch with Garga’s cooking class
dinner at Tre Panche

I'm really on the fence about Enoteca Pinchiorri. Is it worth it? Both in terms of cost and in terms of giving up a night that we could be doing another meal. I'm thinking maybe a place to try bistecca al sangue instead (Sostanza?).

Some potential alternatives for Florence are:
Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo
Acqua al 2
Ristorante Buca Mario
Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco

Day 4
lunch at hotel (Castello di Casole)
dinner somewhere in Casole d'Elsa?
Day 5
wine tours at Altesino and Poggio Antico
lunch at Il Leccio
dinner at Trattoria Chirbiri

Day 6
nothing planned?!?!?
Day 7
lunch at Sora Margherita
dinner at Felice
Day 8
dinner at Da Vitoe Dina

Some potential additions/alternatives for Rome are:
Ai Tre Scalini
Da Francesco
Antica Enoteca
La Barrique
Panificio Bonci

Thanks for any input!


Mar 04, 2013
ericdw in Italy

Input on dinners for a long weekend

Hi everyone, We're planning a long weekend in early November and I'm hoping you all can give me some input on the reservations we've been able to pull so far.

Friday -- either Saison (chef's counter) or Benu
Saturday -- Coi
Sunday -- either Gary Danko or SPQR

I'm leaning towards Saison and SPQR on the days we have two options. Thoughts?

Also, before you say anything -- I know all of these spots are generally similar level/price/etc., and there are a ton of other options, so we plan on roaming for lunch and late night fourth meals to cover a broader range of what the city has to offer, but we're looking for these types of restaurants for dinners.

BTW, it was surprisingly easy to get reservations at all of these places with just two weeks notice...

Thanks in advance!

Oct 24, 2012
ericdw in San Francisco Bay Area

Please comment on our Barcelona itinerary

Thanks. Etapes actually came up in some of my other searching, so we'll have to check it out.

One more question -- the hotel says that Lasarte and ABAC have a "formal" dress code, while Hofmann and Comerc 24 are "casual." For anyone that's been to ABAC or Lasarte, are jackets required for men? I'd rather not have to bring one. Thanks,


Jul 19, 2012
ericdw in Spain/Portugal

Please comment on our Barcelona itinerary

Yup, you're right of course. Thanks.

Jun 28, 2012
ericdw in Spain/Portugal

Please comment on our Barcelona itinerary

Harters -- Thanks for the info. We're staying at the Valldemossa Hotel, which I guess would be considered the north east part of the island. But we're renting a car and are willing to travel. I'd love to hear more about low key and local options. By this point in the trip, we're probably going to be all Michilen-starred out. Thanks for the link. Do you have any favorites?

Neoyorquino -- Thanks for the input, variety was what I was going for with those four. And you actually read my mind -- with the amount of fancy restaurants we have on the schedule, and just arriving that morning, I think the plan is to find a more low key option for our first night instead of Botafumerio. We're looking for tapas, and have read some on the forum about Canete. We'll also check out Mam i Teca.

Thanks again!

Jun 28, 2012
ericdw in Spain/Portugal

Please comment on our Barcelona itinerary

Hi everyone, My wife and I are planning a 7-night trip to Barcelona and Majorca on (kind of) short notice, and have these dinner reservations:

Comerc 24

I'd love to know what do you think.

The concierge recommended Botafumerio, but reviews seem to be a mix of tourists saying "best seafood ever" and foodies saying "worse tourist trap ever"...

So we're looking for one more dinner in Barcelona (maybe tapas?) and two in Majorca. What are we missing?

By the way, the concierge at Hotel 1898 has been great -- highly recommended so far.


Jun 27, 2012
ericdw in Spain/Portugal