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kholodets fish aspic in Austin: Who's been to the Russian House?

Okay I went there right before Christmas, loved it and am planning to go again. I went with my BFF who was visiting and has always been willing to try any restaurant I drag her to. Unfortunately she has some significant dietary restrictions now, so we weren't able to try everything I wanted to try.

I will try to reconstruct.

For appetizers we had the eggplant rolls which were delicious! It was cold slices of eggplant wrapped around some kind of sour cream or cream cheese filling. Not sure exactly what was in the filling but is was delicious!. I also had the sour cabbage/sauerkraut which was served with bread and a shot of vodka! If you like sauerkraut I think you will love this!

For soup we had the Tsar's Ukha. Basically a fish soup. I wanted to try the borscht but her dietary restrictions didn't allow. It wasn't to my taste because I am not that crazy about fish but my girlfriend loved it.

For the entree, I ordered the wild boar pelmeni which was the special, It was pretty good, like ravioli, although I wasn't really able to tell it was wild boar in the filling. They were delicious though and they brought a saucer of sour cream with herbs and some other kind of sauce to mix with the pelmeni that was awesome! My girlfriend had the Chicken Taboka which was a cornish hen half and grilled vegetables. The cornish hen tasted like it was smoked then maybe pan fried (I am not sure, but I thought it was really good). According to a Russian cookbook I looked at later, I think it is actually supposed to be a butterflied chicken panfriend under a brick but whatever! It was really good!. We also had the buckwheat for a side dish. I have read about buckwheat kasha which supposedly involves sauteing buckwheat in egg until dry and then steaming it. I think it was just steamed buckwheat groats with butter. It was tasty. though, and the waitress told us we were the first ones to actually order the buckwheat.

All in all I loved it. And cant wait to go again. Everything we ate was pretty good and most of it was excellent! Of course I dont know much about Russian food and don't know how authentic the food was. I just know that I pretty much liked every thing I ate and cant wait to go again.

BTW, I also tried several of their infused vodkas and loved them too!

The portions arent huge, and the prices arent cheap but I was happy with my meal. It was heartening to see that they seemed to have a decent crowd the weekend before Christmas. So I hope they will stay around.

Jan 18, 2013
katwomn59 in Austin

Going to Vegas 1/22-1/27/12

I am going to Vegas next week. I am traveling solo and am basically going for the food. I am staying on the strip and wont have a car. So far I only have a few meals planned. Mostly based on recommendations from people on this board. Last year went to Guy Savoy and loved it! So I want to have dinner there again. I also want to do the $20 lunch at Estiatorio Milos. And afternoon tea. The Bellagio and Four Seasons were mentioned here. Which one is the best?

My first time in Vegas I had a deli sandwich at the food court in NY NY that I thought was pretty good. Any recommendations for good deli on the strip? I noticed that there is a Carnegie Deli (cant remember which hotel) and thought I might try it.

The other thing I really want is a good french bistro meal. Where can I get the best steak frites? I saw it on the menu at Bouchon, anywhere else?

So that's all I have planned so far. This is my once a year food trip so I don't mind spending money for fabulous food. I would like to try some Asian restaurants, and at least one "celebrity" restaurant (but only if the food is good). I would also like to try a quintessential "old school" Vegas restaurant (Peppermill maybe?)

I would welcome any recommendations.

Jan 18, 2012
katwomn59 in Las Vegas