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Fresh fava beans

Dragon Star foods on Dale and Minnehaha has them.

Prickly Pear Puree

I haven't been to El Burrito Mercado yet, but they and perhaps Dragon Star were next on my list. I also struck out with The Wedge and Seward co-ops. Might also try the Rainbow on University as they carry a pretty diverse selection of produce.

Also thinking about calling Bar Abilene and Crave. They have prickly pear margaritas on their drink menus.

Thanks for the response.

Prickly Pear Puree

Looking for a source for prickly pear puree locally. I've tried Whole Foods, Lunds, Trader Joe's, MGM, and Haskell's. Any other ideas?

Prickly Pear -- or Cactus Pear -- is an ingredient in Southwest cuisine. I'm looking to use it to make margaritas. I understand it also makes a killer lemonade.

I know I can find it online but the cost of shipping frozen items would make it a very expensive margarita.

Colossal Cafe, Minneapolis MN

The Colossal Cafe has opened a second location -- a bit larger than the first -- in St. Anthony Park. Location: 2315 Como Avenue, St. Paul MN 55108.

Blood Sausage - Served or For Sale.

You might also contact Tim and Tom's Speedy Market in St. Anthony Park. I don't recall if they had blood sausage but if they do, it will be great.

2310 Como Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55108
Neighborhood: St. Anthony Park
(651) 645-7360