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Looking for good food in Alice Springs and Adelaide without starched tablecloths

Agree with PhilD - I wouldn't recommend doing a walking wine tour but the camel tour is quite good (I haven't done the winery tour itself just the tour of McLaren Vale which was good). There are a few cellar doors on the Main St in McLaren Vale but are not the best from the area. I like D'Arenberg, Hugh Hamilton and Coriole amongst others. Great lunch at D'Arenberg and Coriole - Coriole does an amazing platter using their produce (Woodside cheeses, Coriole olives and verjuice, etc), while D'Arrys Verandah does a great degustation for a longer sit down lunch. Ekhidna also does good casual lunches with a beautiful vineyard view. If you go on a Saturday you can head to the Willunga Markets for brekkie and a look around at local produce.

I can't recommend any tours for McLaren Vale or Barossa as have always self driven, which is the cheapest and best option if one of you is willing to not drink too much. If you are self driving, best to plan ahead what wineries you want to see and if there is more than 2 of you consider booking in (not essential, but has it perks - Rockford in Barossa has a separate group booking room which is free and so much better than the hustle and bustle of the other room).

You may like to get some produce and goods from around Barossa, have a big lunch and then have these for your dinner (local cold meats, maggie beer products, etc). This is what we tend to do when we do winery tours in any of the regions, is nice to have a big lunch and then relax in a nice b&b with yummy bits and pieces and a few bottles of the wine you have bought that day ;)

Looking for good food in Alice Springs and Adelaide without starched tablecloths

If you self drive to Barossa and want a splurge lunch there, head to Hentley Farm (or if you go to McLaren Vale, D'Arrys Verandah). Both fit the seasonal/creative/modern Australian bill perfectly.

Press Food and Wine in the city is great, as is Melt next door.

Most of what is new in Adelaide other than Orana is more casual (burger joints are very in at the moment). Street which is part of Orana is an example of this and worth checking out as well if you want somewhere more casual.

If you head to North Adelaide, check out Ruby Red Flamingo (Italian) or Gin Long Canteen (Modern Asian), same owners and both on O'Connell St.

You haven't said when you are coming but check to see if there is an AFL game on... our new Adelaide Oval generates some issues we are not used to with restaurants and the roads being very busy.

If you are coming mid-late Sep, there are 2 new restaurants opening up - Jamies Italian on King William St near Rundle Mall, and Seans Kitchen in the casino on North Tce.

Looking for good food in Alice Springs and Adelaide without starched tablecloths

Hi Debbie, I haven't been (I'm currently pregnant so my choices are a bit restricted!) but have heard it's good. Would definitely be the best fit for what you are looking for.

What price range are you looking for and do you have a car or would you like to stick to the CBD?

Food shopping for Christmas day on Rue Saint-Antoine?

Thanks so much Randy for your assistance!

Sounds like we will have to experiment with a few bakeries - although I am sure all are far superior to what we are used to in any case!

I love to walk around Île St. Louis so we will perhaps check out the cheese shop (and get some ice cream to take back to the apartment from Berthillon, of course).

Nov 17, 2013
keedm002 in France

Monday 23 December special lunch in Paris - harder than it sounds!!!

Thanks PhilD, after some more researching I was seriously considering Le Cinq, and your comments have convinced me.

It's most definitely open as bookings are available online, so (unless anyone says otherwise) we may have a winner!

We will hopefully have the opportunity to dine at some of the other places I have been looking at as well!

Nov 08, 2013
keedm002 in France

Monday 23 December special lunch in Paris - harder than it sounds!!!

Thanks ChefJune. Maybe Le Cinq is a contender after all?

Nov 08, 2013
keedm002 in France

Pakta- An incredible experience

Thanks sockster!!

Nov 07, 2013
keedm002 in Spain/Portugal

Monday 23 December special lunch in Paris - harder than it sounds!!!

Thanks ChefJune. We have thought about le Cinq, and between the two (if Le Meurice lunch is 115 euro) and based on reviews I thought Le Meurice may be slightly more special?? But I would love to hear your opinion as you are a valued contributor to this board?

Nov 07, 2013
keedm002 in France

Monday 23 December special lunch in Paris - harder than it sounds!!!

Thanks Parigi we will check.

I wasn't sure about Dans Les Landes, as we will be spending 9 nights in Spain before heading to France and although I love tapas thought it would be best to have something with a more French influence (I am sure tapas are French particularly areas near the Spanish border, and I am sure Dans Les Landes does them with a French air but I am sure you know what I mean???)

Nov 07, 2013
keedm002 in France

Monday 23 December special lunch in Paris - harder than it sounds!!!

Thanks Parnassien, La Grande Cascade looks beautiful so I will add it to the short list and check back in the next few weeks (seems there online system has up to the 20th at this stage).

As far as Le Meurice, on the Michelin Guide website it has lunch listed as 115€ - but from a couple of (older) reviews I read it stated lunch was not up to the standard of dinner. I wasn't sure if this was still true since Alain Ducasse took over? And whether the Michelin Guide is correct with the lunch price... I will perhaps check with Le Meurice itself as from your comments above it sounds as if it may be a worthy contender.

The 100€ budget isn't definite, but I find it difficult to justify too much more as we are away for 4 weeks, unless it is head over heels above others and a must do experience. For example, although we are spending 4 nights in Copenhagen, I couldn't justify Noma for 1500DKK ($285 AUD/pp just for food!) when we are eating at El Celler de Can Roca for $180 AUD/pp.

Nov 07, 2013
keedm002 in France

Food shopping for Christmas day on Rue Saint-Antoine?

Thanks jock and gman - I will be sure to star it on my google map! Your help is greatly appreciated!

Nov 07, 2013
keedm002 in France

Food shopping for Christmas day on Rue Saint-Antoine?

Wow Parnassien, thank you so much for your detailed response and valuable information. Greatly appreciated!!

Nov 07, 2013
keedm002 in France

Monday 23 December special lunch in Paris - harder than it sounds!!!

Thanks John! Fingers crossed Ze is open, I really like the sound of it.

Nov 07, 2013
keedm002 in France

Food shopping for Christmas day on Rue Saint-Antoine?

Thanks so much Busk! And that's great to hear those unable to speak English will be able to understand my pointing and attempt to remember food names and french numbers!

Nov 06, 2013
keedm002 in France

Food shopping for Christmas day on Rue Saint-Antoine?

We are staying in an apartment on Impasse Guéménée, off Rue Saint-Antoine in the 4th (near Place des Vosges), from 21-27 December. We plan to cook a Christmas lunch in the apartment.

From my understanding, Rue Saint-Antoine is quite sufficient when it comes to food shopping - ie boucherie, boulangerie, poissonnerie, pâtisserie etc. and of course there is a Monoprix if all else fails. Are these shops of good quality and price or is there somewhere else I should go nearby?

How will I go shopping for Christmas Day - should this be done Christmas Eve or before, and what time will shops close on Christmas Eve if they are open?

Finally, I am horribly bad at French, and most languages really. I got by purchasing a few things at Bastille markets a couple of years ago. will the language barrier be worse in these shops or can I expect them to speak English?

Also, things like a buche noel - should I order this in advance from somewhere or will I be able to pick it up easily, and when should I get it (how well do they keep?).

I'm so excited about Christmas in Paris! And it will be the first Christmas I cook so there is that added degree of nervousness and excitement.

Thanks all in advance!

Nov 06, 2013
keedm002 in France

Pakta- An incredible experience

Hey sockster, we have reservations there next month. So excited to hear such a great review!

Just wondering how flexible they are in regards to the menu and dietary requirements, and also how many courses have raw seafood/meat? The reason I ask as we will be on our honeymoon and there is a chance I may be pregnant by that stage and want to be careful if it does so happen that way.

Thanks again for the great review.

Nov 06, 2013
keedm002 in Spain/Portugal

Monday 23 December special lunch in Paris - harder than it sounds!!!

My husband and I will be heading to Europe for our honeymoon in December from Australia.

My husband has the inconvenience of a birthday on 23 December - and to make matters worse its a Monday! We are wanting to go out for a nice lunch to celebrate but it is much harder than sounds.

ABOUT US: We are late 20s, enjoy inventive/modern/fusion food but want a French influence in there. We would be looking preferably for a multi-course meal 100 euro a head or below for food. There is a chance I *may* be pregnant so won't be drinking, eating raw/undercooked meat or seafood, and being careful. We have resos at El Cellar de Can Roca, Tickets and Pakta in Barcelona, and our favourite meal when we visited Paris last was at L'Astrance.

Considered, but closed - Septime, Chez L'Ami Jean, Spring, Bones, Sola, Ledoyen, Frenchie (closed for 2 weeks over Christmas).

Ze Kitchen Galerie and Saturne I am unsure whether will be open or not - I assume I won't be able to find out for the next couple of weeks.

The only other place I am seriously considering is Le Meurice, not sure what the food at lunch is like since Alain Ducasse took over, as I heard lunch previously was not up to scratch. Any feedback? I couldn't find any review since he has taken over. I know this is entirely different to the rest listed and I believe just above budget (115 euro a head is it, for lunch?) but the dining room looks stunning so if the food is worth it may be a good contender.

Is there anywhere else you can suggest or any feedback on Saturne, Ze or Le Meurice? I understand we are still in early November but we will be leaving for Europe in about 3 weeks and it would be great to have a short list to make things easier once it is confirmed whether restaurants are open.

Thanks so much!

Nov 06, 2013
keedm002 in France

Can you help me find a cafe in Paris (near Sacré-Cœur) with a very vague description? Could be Café Francoeur?????

Thank you all so much! We will most definitely have to have a look and explore the area anyway!

I managed to find some photos of the internal of Café Francoeur Steve, and we are fairly sure that is the place!! The immediate area also looks vaguely familiar, although trying to track our path from there doesn't so I am confused!

Oh well, thank you all for your assistance!

Parigi, we will be sure to check out the area around metro Abbesses this time! We unfortunately didn't have a chance to get to see that more charming part of Montmartre!

Nov 03, 2013
keedm002 in France

Sydney/Adelaide recommendations w/ a travel-food savvy toddler

If I'm not too late CDWtraveler, when in Adelaide head to the Central Markets/Chinatown. My favourite place to eat there is Dumpling King, very very casual, hole in the wall kind of place with amazing steamed pork dumplings, $8 for 15 (two serves will easily fill the 3 of you).

Also head to Haighs when you are in Adelaide for delicious chocolates.

If it's not too late, let me know as I have plenty of other places I can suggest.

Looking for good food in Alice Springs and Adelaide without starched tablecloths

Hi Curioussheridan, as a base, what places are you looking at eating in Sydney? That will help me suggest places in Adelaide

If you are heading to the Central Markets (which I strongly suggest) my favourite super casual place is Dumpling King in Chinatown. Has an almost cult following, always super busy. Don't go for service or a long sit down meal - you will be rushed out if you are finished and there is someone waiting for your table. Their best dish is the pork dumplings (I like them steamed but you can have them fried as well). They are around $8 for 15 - a big serving which fills up a good eater.

For good cafes for coffee and breakfast or lunch, try Argos on the Parade or Bar 9 on Glen Osmond Rd - both are hugely popular and don't take booking so depends if you like loud, modern busy places. Neither are in the city so may be inconvenient if you are in the city without a car.

In the city, try Rundle St if you are not sure what you want, there is a mix but mostly European. I don't love most places down there but nothing is bad, so it is a great spot if you are undecided. There is something for all along here though, and a mix of pubs, cafes, restaurants and chocolate/dessert bars.

Depending on your age, I would also recommend Casablabla on Leigh St - Leigh St is a cobblestone street off Hindley St which in the past year or so has become popular. Casablabla is a tapas bar with live music most nights.

The German Arms in Hahndorf is great for lunch/dinner if you are visiting the Hills (huge servings although slightly more expensive than it should be) and the White House also in Hahndorf is great for breakfast.

American (North and South) food is really in at the moment with lots of burger bars, mexican and street food trucks popping up. Lots of these are really good but probably not what you would want coming from the U.S.

Waymouth St has some great restaurants (Bistro Dom, Melt, Press, etc) but generally attract suits given the area. I would probably recommend Melt as a treat for pizzas, tapas and great wine.

On Gouger St you will also find some great restaurants, it is a combination of cheap - mid price Asian, and higher price European (it is popular for business meetings but next to Chinatown so has a mix). Once again is a good place to wander if you are not sure. It's really busy on Friday nights which could be a plus or negative depending what you are looking for.

In North Adelaide I recommend Ruby Red Flamingo on Tynte St (off O'Connell St). The Red & White and Blue & White (not its actual name but hey, its blue and white) burger shops on O'Connell St have been in competition since forever and serve a unique dish called the AB (don't ask what it stands for). Its hot chips and yiros meat, covered in garlic sauce and I think sweet chilli sauce? Deliciously ugly. Outback Jacks also on O'Connell St is not the best but has decent enough steaks and Australian meat (ie crocodile, kangaroo, etc).

Also just realised you will be here in March. What dates? The Clipsal 500 (27 Feb - 2 Mar) and Fringe (14 Feb - 16 March) are right near Rundle St so if you are coming at those times, just beware that it will be busy.

March in Adelaide is known as Mad March - it has our 2 biggest events and is practically the only time of year we get visitors. It is a great time to visit and very much alive.

Can you help me find a cafe in Paris (near Sacré-Cœur) with a very vague description? Could be Café Francoeur?????

I think more likely it was Café Francoeur below?

Oct 31, 2013
keedm002 in France

Can you help me find a cafe in Paris (near Sacré-Cœur) with a very vague description? Could be Café Francoeur?????

Café Francoeur (129 Rue Caulaincourt
75018)??? This is the place... I think??

Does anyone know if the do breakfast or has anyone had a hot chocolate here before that can vouch that it was the same place?

The problem is - it was probably no where near as good as we remember!

Oct 31, 2013
keedm002 in France

Can you help me find a cafe in Paris (near Sacré-Cœur) with a very vague description? Could be Café Francoeur?????

Could it have been Au Relais (48 rue Lamarck, 75018)??? I can't find enough photos and all the reviews are for lunch/dinner but it somewhat seems to fit the bill? I believe it was on a corner as well??

Oct 31, 2013
keedm002 in France

Can you help me find a cafe in Paris (near Sacré-Cœur) with a very vague description? Could be Café Francoeur?????

In February 2012, my (now husband) and I went to Paris for a holiday (and got engaged!) and are heading back on our honeymoon next month.

When we first arrived, entirely jet lagged from a flight from Australia, we walked from Gare du Nord to Sacré-Cœur.

We were entirely disoriented, freezing and starving, and decided to go somewhere for breakfast (it was around 9am) before visiting the Sacré-Cœur (a combination of the fact we were hungry, cold and a little bit lost!).

I believe there was a few different places around, not many though. we went to a place which was quite full with locals, and had a bar with a lot of bottles so was clearly open until evening. It wasn't modern; from memory it looked a bit like a pub in our opinion as opposed to a cafe - the outside was perhaps dark green?? I remember there was a place that looked a bit nicer but had no customers so we went here instead.

We were served by a younger French girl who would have been probably studying, who had good English and was very proficient; she carried a tray with a coin jar so you could pay at your table. We had the petit déjeuner.

The hot chocolate was incredible and we thought every hot chocolate after would be the same! It was the very thick style, served in a jug so you got a good mug or two each. It was delicious! The croissant and juice were also very good, the juice freshly squeezed. We had petit déjeuner most days at various places and nothing compared to the hot chocolate we had here.

As I previously mentioned we were very disorientated. I'm thinking there must have been wifi as we managed to locate where we were on the map, we had walked the long way around Sacré-Cœur from Gare du Nord and were basically at the further side, haha!

To get to Sacré-Cœur we only had to walk up the street we were on maybe 50m and there was two sets of stairs. once at the top of the second set, we went through a small pedestrian street where there were a few tourist oriented shops selling souveniers and I think a cafe that wasn't open but was serving Vin Chaud out the front in a big cauldron or similar. I believe at the end of this street we were at the Sacré-Cœur, not the front but either the side of the back.

Would anyone have any idea where this cafe was or what it is called??? Are there sets of stairs like I have explained all the way around? I think this is probably my best bet for finding it. I have tried using street view on google maps but as we were so disoriented I have no idea where we were - I can remember when we did see at the time where we were, we were shocked as we clearly walked the longest way there!

To avoid any confusion, the steps we walked up were not the main tourist steps - we saw one french man walking his dog down them, but no tourists or buskers at all around.

If you could help us in any way it would be greatly appreciated. It was one of the most memorable moments of our trip, just because we were so so cold (we left a hot Australian summer), tired, jetlagged and hungry, and it was so warm and delicious. We still always talk about that cafe and the breakfast. I would love to surprise my husband and take him back there on his birthday when we are in Paris next month.

Many thanks in advance!

Oct 31, 2013
keedm002 in France

Sydney and Queenstown advice

I lived in Queenstown in 2008 so hopefully my suggestions are still somewhat up to date...

If you are interested in a very very relaxed, "fish and chups" experience in, I strongly recommend Aggys Shack. Its seafood straight off Aggys boat I believe?? But all I can remember is it being delicious. It is literally a shack but try not to let that put you off!

Fergburger is as good as you may have heard and definitely a must for another casual lunch in Queenstown.

When I visited, the food at the Queenstown Skyline Restaurant was mediocre but the view was great. I would still recommend it for the experience alone.

I didn't eat at any but there are a number of nice looking, higher end restaurants on the Pier which might be worth a look if you are in the area. I believe they are somewhat overprice, but as you may have gathered, a lot of Queenstown is!

Magill Estate (Adelaide) Re-Opening: 28 August 2013

I believe it closed so the previous Head Chef, Jock Zonfrillo, could travel around the world to learn what the best restaurants in the world were doing. I believe their intention is or was at least to re-open Magill Estate as a world-renown leading winery restaurant.

Part of it could also be the economic downturn and lack of tourism etc into Australia while the dollar was high... (it was originally scheduled to reopen late last year).

Magill Estate (Adelaide) Re-Opening: 28 August 2013

Hi All,

Just thought I would let those who may be living or visiting Adelaide know that are much anticipation, Magill Estate has now announced it will be opening in the last week of August. For those traveling from overseas to Australia with an interest in wine, Penfolds is one of Australia's oldest and most acclaimed wine producers and their restaurant at Magill's Estate aims to develop Penfold's reputation further.

Here's the email I received today....

Dear Magill Estate Friends,

After much anticipation we are pleased to advise Magill Estate Restaurant is scheduled to open on Wednesday 28 August 2013 and we will start to take reservations from Monday 29 July.

Much progress has been made in the redevelopment of the Restaurant over recent months and we’re quietly confident the end result will exceed your expectations.

We are pleased to announce we have appointed a new Executive Chef, Scott Huggins. Scott has an international career spanning 15 years. He has held various positions refining his culinary expertise at several high-end destination and Michelin star restaurants around the world including: The Royal Mail Hotel (Dunkeld, Victoria), Tippling Club (Singapore), Iggy’s (The Hilton, Singapore), Ezard at the Adelphi (Melbourne, Victoria), Micolau Hotel and Restaurant (Spain).

Scott’s most recent position was at Nihonryori Ryugin (Tokyo) a highly respected three Michelin star restaurant ranked number 22 on the 2013 World’s 50 Best Restaurants list and ranked number two ‘Best Restaurant’ in Asia (San Pelligrino). Scott is committed to working closely with the team to build on the reputation of Magill Estate Restaurant as well as drawing on his international experiences to incorporate his own fresh ideas into the menu to deliver the total Penfolds experience.

Please note, upon re-opening the Restaurant will not cater for weddings or sole use functions.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new Magill Estate Restaurant.

Kind regards,

The Magill Estate Restaurant Team

Magill Estate Restaurant
78 Penfold Road | Magill | SA 5072
T: +61 8 8301 5551| F: +61 8 8301 5554

Paris December (Christmas) List - Opinions and Advice appreciated!!

I know, I know! But I have two honeymoons, a wedding and a new business to plan before that, as well as working full time. So dreaming of Paris is my stress relief!!!

Bummer about L'Ambassade D'Auvergne - I must have missed all the negative comments (have read through them now). I was looking forward to the sinful aligot! May still pop past if we are in the mood for a comfort dinner as it is close by to our apartment but won't put it down as a must.

Jun 12, 2013
keedm002 in France

Paris December (Christmas) List - Opinions and Advice appreciated!!


We will be spending Christmas in Paris for our honeymoon. We got engaged in Feb '12 in Paris and cannot wait to return.

We will be there for 7 nights (dates TBC but somewhere between 20th and 30th December). I imagine lots of places on my list to follow will be shut and may not have released their Christmas close-down as of yet, but if you do know if any will most definitely be open or shut, I would greatly appreciate it.

We will be cooking a Christmas Day meal at our apartment (in La Marais, 4th) but would love a suggestion for a Christmas Eve meal either from our list or in addition to it. We don't want to spend more than 50-80 euro a head (excluding drinks), and would like to avoid inflated Christmas menu meals.

FYI - prices and notes are mostly just a guide for me. If they are incorrect please let me know! Those restaurants listed as lunch only are because they are much more affordable at lunch :) However, we will need to cut at least 3 off that list.

They are all "somewhat" in order of preferences, subject to your feedback (the exception being L'Astrance - we went there when we visited Paris last year, however my fiancee was very disappointed when I told him we might not be able to go again - we loved it!!). We haven't visited any of the other restaurants listed.

Lunch Only:
1. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon – Etoille – 40 euro lunch (every day)
2. Le Meurice –115 euro lunch (closed 24th, 25th)
3. Ledoyen – 100 euro lunch (probably closed from 22nd Dec)
4. Guy Savoy – 110 euro lunch on weekdays, must ask for it in advance
5. Le Cinq – 95 euro lunch (every day although probably not weekend, not sure of Christmas)
6. L’Astrance – 70 euro lunch (will be closed over Christmas, TBC dates, n/a weekends)

Lunch or Dinner
1. L’Ambassade D’Auvergne – 30 euro (open every day)
2. Chez L’ami Jean – 40-80 euro (closing from 22nd Dec probably, closed Sun & Mon)
3. Fish – 13 euro lunch, 35 euro dinner (open every day)
4. Saturne – 37 euro lunch, 60 euro dinner (closed weekends)

Jun 11, 2013
keedm002 in France

Barcelona in December - Comments on Shortlist

Hi all! We have changed our itinerary so many times but we have now got time off an will be having a "White Christmas" (well a winter one anyway, which is special coming from Australia) as we will be honeymooning in Europe in December. Still dates tbc based on the La Liga fixtures (my soon to be husband is insistent it is a "must" that we see FC Barca play, which I think would be pretty great as well). Anyway, what is definite is that we will have 9 nights in Barcelona in early December (may or may not be there for the public holidays so we will tackle that when it comes around).

We will most definitely be there on 12 December as I have a booking at El Celler de Can Roca which I am most excited about.

This is my shortlist, I assume we won't make it everywhere as we typically only eat two meals out a day and if we have a big lunch won't have dinner (or will have snacks in our apartment). We are expecting to stay in an apartment on Passeig de Gracia opposite Casa Batlló.

Tapas 24 - Nearby and I am hoping to try their Bikini's and McFois burgers, amongst other things
Xurreia dels Bans Nous and La Granja - Churros and hot chocolate
Pinotxo/El Quim - Depending what time of day and how many times we visit La Boqueria!!

Lunch only
Moments at Mandarin Oriental - I have heard the lunch is great value and good for a special meal.

Lunch or Dinners
To (potentially) make reservations
Tickets - Reservation dependent, but I'm sure I will be fine.
Pakta - Would love to read some reviews (I have seen one only!) it sounds great.
CInc Sentis
Rias de Galicia

Nearby (won't make resos and will see how we go???)
La Pepita - This is a recent addition as I have heard its a good "neighbourhood" resto but this is coming from tourists so not sure??
Cervecaria Catalana - I have read mixed things, thoughts?

Cal Pep - Nothing against it!! But it isn't nearby and we tend to be quite lazy in the evenings so not sure if it is worth the trip??

We are not going to make it through the entire list, take out our day trip to Girona, another day trip, the night we go to the football and we don't have many meal opportunities left!

My must-eats are El Celler (already reserved) and Tickets. We are young (23 and 30) and prefer modern food when it comes to higher end (aka, more expensive) meals. I love tapas and the freedom they give you (you can eat as much or as little as you feel at the time) but we also like a formal sit down meal every now and then (I prefer lunch for these long more formal meals). We are not generally interested in Asian food when on holiday as Australia has a huge Asian influence (Pakta is the exception as this seems quite different to Japanese fusion food in Australia).

Ideally I would like to make a maximum of 3-4 reservations in addition to these two, and keep the other meals free for local dinners or meals wherever we may be (or meals in our apartment).

So, from this list, where would you make reservations? And what would you scratch? Is there any other/better options rather than those local restaurants I have mentioned?

Thanks so much in advance!

Jun 11, 2013
keedm002 in Spain/Portugal