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Herbsaint or clancys

Thanks, all- reservation made at Clancys! Now to find a good jazz brunch...

Oct 22, 2014
Ima Foodie in New Orleans

Any places along the Merritt Pkwy (CT)

I highly recommend walrus and carpenter on the fairfield:Bridgeport border for brunch though it's closer to 95 than the Merritt...not sure if that will work for you? Valencia in norwalk is not far from the Merritt and is also a brunch favorite

Vent-a-hood, zephyr, Bosch, or best for range hood

Mind if I asked which brand you removed and why you hated it? Thanks!

Oct 20, 2014
Ima Foodie in Cookware

Vent-a-hood, zephyr, Bosch, or best for range hood

Any strong opinions on what brand is best? I really liked the vent a hood but not sure it's worth twice the price of the others. Would be 36 inches, chimney wall mount above a gas stove. Befitted to add cavalliere to the list of options.

Oct 19, 2014
Ima Foodie in Cookware

Herbsaint or clancys

I think I've narrowed down most of our hit list, but still stuck on one for a nicer dinner, preferably on a Monday night. Any thoughts on clancys vs herbsaint?

Oct 17, 2014
Ima Foodie in New Orleans

Beignets other than CDM

I absolutely love beignets but tourist spots...not so much. Any suggestions for spots to have some beignets and coffee other than cafe du mode?

Oct 17, 2014
Ima Foodie in New Orleans

Special dinner with non-intrepid eaters

Visiting next month and want to book one special dinner- I'll be with some eaters who are not intrepid, and won't do rabbit, sweatbreads, etc. since so many places only show sample menus, hoping for some suggestions. Any thoughts on these (my notes are not stellar so I may have some casual options listed here too for different nights):
Commanders palace
K Paul's

Open to any/ all other suggestions. Thanks in advance!!!

Oct 11, 2014
Ima Foodie in New Orleans

CT: clams casino or linguine with clam sauce, take me to the water!

No water view, but I've had excellent clam sauce at Via Sforza in Westport several times, though has been a while

Fairfield County Neighborhood Italian Restaurants-Solid Food with reasonable prices

That's too bad- we love Julian's. Which location did you go to?

Ruuthai - Real Thai in Bridgeport

Have been meaning to post about this place, too. Amazing food, lovely people. Order at least twice a week since we discovered it. Blows all prior local Thai out of the water

A CT BBQ comparison (weigh in with your favorites!)

I've been to the new uncle willies fairfield location several times and have enjoyed it a lot.

Fairfield, CT area pizza

Happened to see one of the specialty pies at rizuttos in Westport has something that sounds similar. While the entrees are not stellar, their pizzas are very good

New Restaurants..Fairfield, County.

Ruuthai in Bridgeport has amazing, authentic Thai food at reasonable prices. They have been open for a few months now-have not been there in. Person but get delivery at least twice a week. It's THAT good.

Had a great brunch at Walrus and Carpenter in the old "new" ash creek location

Second the previous suggestion of Mecha noodle bar in Fairfield. Also really liked Baro in fairfield for upscale Mexican.

Indian Food: Important Question......(please help!!!) - FFLD. CNTY.

Post road in Westport, where Bombay used to be.

Any places along the Merritt Pkwy (CT)

I second the suggestion of Barcelona in Fairfield. Up closer to Hartford, wood n tap is just off 91 around rocky hill.n great for sandwiches, burgers, salads, etc.

Best Mexican/Latin resturant in Fairfield county area?

Have you tried ola in Fairfield or orange? Amazing fod and drinks

Indian Food: Important Question......(please help!!!) - FFLD. CNTY.

Go a bit further south to Mumbai Times- far superior to both

Saturday lunch near 95

At what point do you want to take a break and what kind of food are you looking for? Westfair fish & chips is a tiny place in Westport with great seafood, there are great options for famous new haven pizza as well, can think of tons of options so if you can narrow down parameters a bit, we can get you more relevant recs

Indian lunch buffets around Orange, New Haven, CT or even Shelton

Coromandel in orange is ok but my face would be Thali, which has a location in new haven

Recommendation for Dinner in Bridgeport

Was going to suggest Taberna, but it's nont portugese. it's Spanish and while they do have tapas, it is not a tapas restaurant by any means.

Villa Del Sol, Westport, CT.

unless it's chanced from my last visit (close to a year ago), it's mediocre food in a child friendly atomsphere.

Great Mexican food catering in Fairfield county?

I'd suggesr la Poblanita (Bridgeport), Tacos Mexico (Norwalk) or Casa Villa (Stamford)

Norwalk Name your favorite joints including ethnic, hamburger and seafood please why how much and what is your favoite dish PLEASE!

Valencia Luncheria
Burger Bar
Tacos Mexico

New BBQ place in Bridgeport - Dickeys

Anyone been? Planning to check it out in the next week or so.

May 07, 2012
Ima Foodie in Chains

Thai in CT?

King & I in Bridgeport and Fairfield aren't bad, but I generally prefer Taste of Thai in Milford

Mexican food, Ffld, Cty.

I concur with Casa Villa (the new location) and tacos meixo (depending on how large of a group you are talking). Up county I also like El Coyote in Newtown

Breakfast in Fairfield County

May be too far for you and definitely not a fancy meal, but I adore breakfast and brunch at Kings in Newtown.

Burger Bar SoNo

love it - I'd rank it in my top 3 favorite burgers. Try "the ultimate".

Any Tamales in the Greater New Haven Area? In Connecticut?

I popped in there for the first time the other day and was a little turned off since it seemed a bit dirty and lots of items were premade and on a steam the food really good?

where can I buy tamarind paste?

not sure where you are located, but Patel Brothers in Norwalk will have it. Also a couple of Indian markets on Fairfield ave in Bridgeports that should have it, though they are smaller than Patel.