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Pink Curing Salt in NOVA?

I tried Penzey's in Falls Church, to no avail. Maybe Whole Foods? I know I can order online but I'm looking to use it in the next day or so. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Cava Wineries to Visit?

My wife and I will be visiting the region in October. How did your Cava experiences end up?

Sep 23, 2011
dcskinsfan in Spain/Portugal

Virginia wine country restaurants

Palladio is the restaurant at the Barboursville winery. I've had two very good tasting menu lunches there but never dinner. Very seasonal menu and pretty reasonably priced, even with wine pairings.

Baby Shower Brunch in Bethesda/Chevy Chase

My wife's throwing a shower in the Chevy Chase or Bethesda area in February. Any comments on where you threw your shower and how it went? Anyone else have any recent inputs? Thanks so much in advance.

Palladio, Trummer's on Main, The Majestic, Liberty Tavern and more...

Had lunch at Palladio about a year or so ago. Very seasonal, local cooking. They have a few different tasting menu options, even for lunch, with wine pairings. All of which were very reasonably priced. I apologize for not remembering any of the specifics about the dishes but I know they were all quite good. It's definitely a good time, if you're willing to make the small hike from DC.

Where can I find amoroso rolls!?

Lookin for these in the area. I live in Arlington but could travel for them. Help if you can. Thanks in advance.

Where to buy short ribs...a lot of short ribs!

Had to brave the crowd at Costco, for other things, and ended up getting the short ribs there. They were choice ribs, $3.99/lb., decent marbling, and turned out pretty well. Next time I will definitely go the H Mart or Grand Mart route and bypass the nightmare which is Costco.

Where to buy short ribs...a lot of short ribs!

Awesome. Thanks a lot for the H Mart tip. I didn't even think about that.

Where to buy short ribs...a lot of short ribs!

Due to a family member suffering with a terrible back this Christmas, my fiance and I are taking over cooking duties this year for about 30 people. We estimate 2-3 short ribs per person so we'll need to buy a pretty good amount. Does Costco sell short ribs? If not, any ideas where we can buy them in larger quantities? Thanks all in advance!

New Ray's the Steaks open for business

Just walked by the new Courthouse location and saw Chef Landrum at the host stand and the restaurant prepping for service. This location will accommodate call aheads and possibly reservations (I'm not 100% sure) for a portion of the restaurant. The space looked great. Can't wait to go get my fix in the new location.

Ray's the Steaks closing?

Definitely still open. The current RTS is going to become Ray's the Net.


Dining after 10 PM in DC?

Sorry about that...should have clarified. We tried to get into Proof around 930 on a Friday night and were told it was going to be an hour.

Dining after 10 PM in DC?

Good idea, but just an FYI...we (2 of us) tried to get on a Friday night a couple weekends ago around 930 and were told it was an hour wait. Maybe it was just a really busy night.

Dining after 10 PM in DC?

Where abouts are you going to be? I have eaten at Jaleo after a show downtown before. It's tapas so it might fit your light meal criteria.

DC Cocktails

I had good cocktails at Poste last weekend. I had their version of the New Orleans Sazerac and my gf had a basil lemon martini drink that she seemed to enjoy. Also, the new Founding Farmers restaurant on Pennsylvania Ave. has a pretty extensive, handcrafted cocktail menu too. I must say the PX still has the best I've had in the area.

VA Chef in Chicago for 2 nights (Oct. 9, 10), HELP!

Fellow Virginian here. I was in Chicago a couple months ago and had a great meal at Boka, which I believe is right next door to Alinea, and far less expensive (although still pricey). Modern setting, and if it's nice out, a beautiful outdoor seating area. Definitely focuses on seasonal ingredients, but with a more modern twist. The chef was also named one of F&W Best New Chefs in 2008. The locals here will have to let you know if it's near where you are or not. Good luck.


Oct 03, 2008
dcskinsfan in Chicago Area

Bulk spices in NoVA - Not Penzey's please

The Organic Butcher in McLean will mix up a batch of spice rub for you. I've had them do that a few times. I also bought meat from there so if you've already bought your pork, I'm not sure what they will do. Might be worth a shot.

best onion rings in nova? best fried calamari?

I remember Harry's Tap Room in Arlington having pretty good calamari. It's been a while since I've had them though.

DC Restaurant Week - How Am I Doing?

Went to 1789 on Friday and did the coupon thing. Great deal with very few upcharges for entrees (lamb, steak, shrimp).

Our recent trip to the Outer Banks

I used to live down there during the summers and I remember a place called the Collington Cafe (or something close to that). Does anyone know if it's still there or if it's still any good? Thanks alot.

Jul 25, 2008
dcskinsfan in Southeast

Ray's Hell-Burgers Opens in Arlington

It is definitely cash-only. I was there Monday, but the ATM is past the cash register around the corner.

Help: Morel mushrooms

Kneel, I saw some morels at that same stand this weekend.

Salad Bars in Arlington?

Not a restaurant salad bar, but Chopt in Rosslyn is a fast food type joint where you can create your own salad. I haven't been but I've heard it's pretty good. Might satisfy your salad fix.

where to buy tri tip in DC

Saw them at Trader Joe's this weekend and they were uncooked. Although, I think they came already marinated. Not sure if you can get them plain or not.


Pastries by Randolph is another pretty good one. It's right near the mentioned Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe too.

4500 Lee Hwy., Arlington, VA 22207

Tackle Box In Georgetown

Thanks DC, didn't mean to nit pick or anything, I was just curious if there was a new kind of slaw I was missing out on.

Too bad about Hook and Tackle Box.

Tackle Box In Georgetown

Just out of curiousity, you mention the cabbage not being fully cooked in the cole slaw. Cole slaw is generally made with raw cabbage. Am I missing something? Thanks for the report, I have family from Maine visiting this summer and am contemplating taking there.

Takeout Lunch in Arlington

There's a new Corner Bakery in the Courthouse area too.

Fogo (DC) vs. Chima (Tysons)

I've eaten at both numerous times and would say that Fogo's meats are much more flavorful. Their cold bar and rice and beans selections (feijoada) are more extensive and also tastier. They're both about the same price so I think for the money, Fogo is the way to go. Can't comment about Texas de Brazil since I haven't been. Either place you choose, make sure you're hungry.

Help a DC 'hounder

Four of us (all in our late 20s) are staying around Times Square June 12-15 for a wedding so we only have one free night for dinner. We need some help finding a place for dinner on Thursday night that isn't too pricey. There doesn't seem to be too much that isn't chock full of tourists around TS so we're willing to travel a little if need be. I know there are some threads regarding this type of thing so I'll try and be more specific. Probably $18-$30 for most entrees and no Italian (we're eating Italian at the rehearsal dinner). A couple of us are pretty adventurous eaters, the others are a little more conservative, but willing to try something new. Some place a bit lively...maybe near a cool spot to grab drinks afterwards. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

May 28, 2008
dcskinsfan in Manhattan