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more Popeye's!

Being from San Antonio
I can also say the
Chicken is smaller, but I think it is more about having to pay the higher costs up in MN.

Hatch Green Chili Peppers

Where did you buy your seeds? I know true Hatch peppers are from hatch so what variety did u get?

Hatch Green Chili Peppers

Great idea. Just bought house with enough room to try this. Thanks

Hatch Green Chili Peppers

Anyone know where to buy whole Hatch Green Chili peppers in the Twin Cities? The festival is coming up in July.

Hot and sour soup

Who has best in TCs? Currently, it is hard just to find it made with actual pieces of pork. That used to be common but going away fast.

No more Chicken Parmesana at D'Amicos.

After getting this dish at D'Amicos for 14 years, I found out Saturday night the dish was removed from menu. Any suggestions on places that serve good Chicken Parmesana?

Who has best scones in Twins Cities

Wanted to ask where to get real scones in the Twin Cities. Yesterday, I was at cafe and they had scones, but were literally biscuits with fruit in them.


Yep, it is quite a hidden GEM. Best Pad Ka Prao I have ever had.

more Popeye's!

Yes, I totally agree. I was shocked when I saw the closed Sonic in West St. Paul that was only a couple years old. Sonics in the South will close, only to reopen even bigger!!

Bolner Fiesta brand pinto bean seasoning?

Sorry, I don't know and wished I did. I have my family bring up from Texas, the only place I know where to get.

more Popeye's!

Maybe they are basing how many locations to finish up and open on whether they have to pay $7.25 or $9.00 minimum wage.

more Popeye's!

Drove by the one on University and Larpentuer hoping to see at least the Popeye's signage installed. Painted like a Popeyes but that is it, still sitting.

more Popeye's!

You are expecting the news reporters to do some research.. that is way too much work when they can publish a story they read from a press release.

more Popeye's!

Bobannon and BigE,

Glad to see your replies. Sounds like we will be seeing some more PopEyes in the TCs. I will see if the one on Lexington and University has put up a "Coming Soon" sign.

more Popeye's!

I don't know.. I don't think Popeye's is coming to town. The one on University and Lexington has been sitting for 3 months now with no work done on it. The location in Rosemount was to become a Popeye's is now for sale. Maybe the deal did not work out.. too bad to hear.