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Five Horses Tavern -- promissing

I've been there several times since they opened in September -- last time I noticed they have adjusted their menu a few times, and also have more cocktails featured. Overall, Five Horses is great. Booze-wise, the beer menu is enormous, the cask strong ale they had on my last visit was great. Their rotating draft selection always has several outstanding beers that you don't see anywhere else. Some of their whiskey drinks are really well crafted. The food is good too, the pork belly tacos and short rib tacos are fantastic. The mussels and cheese plate are also very good. The skirt steak and the duck entrees are the only ones I've tried, but both were properly cooked, well-seasoned, and had good side pairings. The only downsides are that the calamari was a little liquidy on the bottom, and also the chili had lots of spices that all melded into something not very good. The chili probably should be simplified and made more consistent with a normal chili.
But overall, I'll definitely be heading back soon.

Jan 14, 2012
pine900 in Greater Boston Area