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Catering in Lansing/East Lansing

Special A'Fare catering in Okemos. I worked there for years and the food was fantastic and the owners really put their all into each event! You won't be disappointed.

Pot Roast with Porcini and Beer

This looks great and I plan on making it tonight. My only concern is that 2 hours isn't long enough at 300 degrees. How has that worked for everyone?

Feb 28, 2008
boots76 in Recipes

Horse meat

Food for thought - vaccinations and medications given to traditional food animals (cattle, pork, etc) have been extensively tested for residue and withdrawl times. Horses get meds and vaccines that haven't been tested to assure safe eating....
Also, PETA has forced all of the horse slaughter facilities in the US to close. So, unless your neighbor is going to shoot that pony he can no longer afford to feed, you are probably going to have to head out of the U.S.

Sep 18, 2007
boots76 in Florida