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Mochi au gratin at Shokudo

Just a quick internet search brought up this recipe:

Mar 16, 2014
BleuBird in Hawaii

Shave Ice 2013 - Surprising results

You've just improved my eating adventures ten fold. Thank you so much!

Oct 10, 2013
BleuBird in Hawaii

Shave Ice 2013 - Surprising results

I'm drooling. Shave ice was one treasure I missed out on during my last trip, and I'm determined to make up for it this winter when I return. Do any of these place, or others, have natural/homemade/no coloring/low or no sugar syrups? I'm not asking for something austere, I just want fewer chemicals...

Oct 09, 2013
BleuBird in Hawaii

Top Chef: where are they now (ongoing)

Seems like Jen Carroll's second attempt to get Concrete Blonde off the ground has failed:

Mar 30, 2013
BleuBird in Food Media & News

Non dairy mashed potatoes

Olive oil an vegetable broth is my typical approach. Easy, flavorful, and always on hand.

Dec 27, 2012
BleuBird in Home Cooking