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Quick Bite Near Gare de Lyon Station Before Lunch

For wine there's a shop just down the block (26 Blvd. Diderot) called Les Domaines
Qui Montent, and another, Vins et Saveurs, two short blocks up the street at 50 Avenue
Ledru Rollin.

Jan 18, 2012
carlosnbud in France

Quick Bite Near Gare de Lyon Station Before Lunch

Settle in at the brasserie L'Européen, across the street from the station
at the corner of Rue de Lyon and Blvd. Diderot. It's open all day. You
can park your luggage by the door--chances are there will already be
a few bags there. You can check the web site first--easy to find so I'm
not bothering with the link here.

Jan 17, 2012
carlosnbud in France

Wine Tasting/tour/wine buying

Check out this site for wine tastings in English:


Go see Josh at Spring Boutique on rue de l'Arbre Sec, wine shop and deli, in the 1st. He's an
American and will set you on course.

Before you buy any wine to ship home check out freight costs and duty. Those may
dissuade you.

If you wish to post the address where you're staying I may be able to provide you
with names and addresses of some nearby wine shops where English is spoken.
Many shops have free tastings on Saturdays, often with winemakers.

Jan 14, 2012
carlosnbud in France

Paris in 2 days...wine store in the 10th and one more reservation needed, please!

I think the writer meant Caves Bardou (not Danou). It's at 124 Rue du Faubourg St.-Denis.
If you're close to the canal, on the other side (east) on funky Rue Sainte-Marthe there's
a shop called Le Contre Etiquette at No. 31. This is the best shop in the 10th. On the
other side of Blvd. Magenta check out the St. Quentin covered market. There's a
nice little wine shop/epicerie within, also a bunch of other interesting shops.

Jan 13, 2012
carlosnbud in France