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New Chophouse in Greeley

I called at 6pm to see if we needed reservations and was told we don't take reservations until 8pm and we do walk ins until then. Well we get there and lo and behold they do take reservations. So the older hostess with the interesting hair ( see review below) starts patronizing me and being a bit condescending about getting us a table. She was a bit taken aback when i refused the table in the front doorway and said we would wait for a better table. They quickly got us one and we sat down.

First of all I expect a place the has and old time steak house atmosphere and old photos on the wall to have some kind of cocktail list. After asking for 2-3 cocktails all of which they couldn't make my companions and i ordered basic martinis.

I got the Cesar salad and they ordered the Wedge, not bad acceptable. I ordered potato and horseradish encrusted salmon, one of us ordered the short ribs and our friend ordered another salmon dish. All well prepared, not a generous portion but not stingy. My side was the collard greens which were great, tasty, not over cooked, nice tangy hint of vinegar but..............they didnt drain the oil/grease from them so my plate was floating with bacon fat which soaked the salmon. The waitress wondered why I had my plate tipped up on a knife so i told her to drain the fat.

Over all it was okay, but I think the prices are too high for Greeley, fine for FTC or Denver but were not in those places. I wish them well but I miss Harvest which had amazing food, amazing prices
( remember the half chicken for 13.00 with 2 sides?).

One final thing yes 2 sides, would it kill you to offer a veg and a starch with the 19.00 salmon?

May 05, 2013
grinnell in Mountain States

Trip report: Moab & Estes

Estes Park is tough to get great food.

Penelope's has great burgers and perfect fries but no beer.

Mama Rose's is good solid american italian hearty portions

Sweet Basilico is suppose to be very good a few of my wife's students live in EP and recommend this place

Estes Park Brewery should not be taken as an example of Colorado beer. As a former master brewer their beer is at best a C, food is greasy bar food. Drive to lyons go to Oscar Blues, Drive to Loveland go to Loveland Ale house on 4th street

or for some of Colorados best beer drive to Ft Collins: Equinox but there are only 6 or 7 other top breweries in town

May 03, 2013
grinnell in Mountain States

Eisbein / schweinshaxe help

But it must be served with erbspuree :)

I use a brine with salt bay leaves white wine brown sugar juniper berries garlic onion and brine 18-24 hours.

boil with carrots celery for 3 hours then roast for 20 mins-30? at 425F top of the oven.

The hard part is to find those hard solid german potatoes

May 03, 2013
grinnell in Home Cooking

Looking for good eats in Estes Park Area

I'm originally from KC so my opinion of smokin daves may be biased but i was unimpressed. sat at the bar service was poor they forgot an order of fries

Jan 27, 2012
grinnell in Mountain States

Visiting Greeley, CO

There is a great taco wagon at 4st and 8th ave, only there Fri, Sat, Sun, great tougue tacos $1

Patrick's Pub at 9st and 8ave has 32 beers on tap

Crabtree Brewery at 6Ave and 3st just won 2 medals at the GABF

and the LC at 26th Ave and 11st has real authentic shanghi style food you have to ask for the special menu

that about taps Greeley out

Jan 12, 2012
grinnell in Mountain States