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Yuyu Za Zang aka Chef Yu's (Oakland)

Aaach, I'll second the no go to the Dublin one. Same name, but not the same food. The Zhaziang Myun is not as tasty and the noodles were soft/overcooked. Also the Oakland branch gives you a bowl of spicy soup most times when you order a fried rice plate or something. Dublin doesn't. If you like the zhaziang with the noodles, try it over rice w/ a fried egg!

Jack London Square -Other than Yoshi's

There's Silk Road at the end of Broadway accross from Chicken and Waffles. There's also Ginza another Japanese joint 2 doors down from Nations. There's a Mexican place next to Nations as well. Never been, but there's also a Peruvian place diagonally across from Nations too.

sushi in Oakland?

Don't know about Lake Merritt side, but downtown I've been to Sushi Zone and it's ok. I usually go to Ginza in Jack London on Broadway. It's 2 doors down from Nation's. Great rolls if that's what you're into. Nigiri is good, but I like it cuz I can get some korean fixings as well. Grilled Kalbi meat hits the spot if I'm down there lunch/dinner.

Chouquet's (SF - Fillmore)

Went there last weekend, night of the 18th for a bday dinner. Had the prix fixe meal choice of appetizer, main course and dessert. I ordered sweetbreads for appetizer, chicken for main course (I would have ordered seafood, but I was hungry), and the chocolate soufflé for dessert. The place was half full and we were seated in the back near the bathroom as our party was a little larger, 7 ppl.

Service was ok, food came out in good time as we were taking our time eating. Sweetbreads were ok and the mushrooms really came out. The chicken was chicken. Everything I expected and I didn’t think I could go wrong with it. The skin was crispy which I liked. The soufflé was underwhelming and it was more like a small fudge brownie with some whipped cream on the side. I wouldn't consider it a souffle. It was ok, not great. The bill was expensive and not all people at the table had a prix fixe meal. Couldn’t figure out why, but it was a bday dinner and didn’t wanna buck the table to find out why. I think you can visit better restaurants in the area for the price.

Ahh..just searched board rules and saw why previous posts were deleted on a not so appetizing subject. Suffice to say that we had to bring it to management's attention. edited. Again, there are much better places to visit for the dough you might shell out at Chouquet's.

Pizza Antica (Lafayette)

Visited the Lafayette branch of Pizza Antica 11/11. Place was packed, but you can call ahead and put yourself on the waitlist. Started off with Portobello Mushroom Fritti. They’re made like French fries and went great with the dipping sauce. We ordered 2 small pizzas. One regular pepperoni and another with goat cheese, pancetta and pesto. I liked the goat cheese pizza. Thin crust and more cracker like than doughy, just personal preference. I like crispy crusts. The pepperoni was good, can’t really go wrong, but the crust wasn’t as crispy. Topped off dinner with a chocolate mocha mousse which was more like a mousse brownie. It came with a side of whipped cream. Good, but not what I expected. I thought it’d be like mousse pudding.

Good service and the place was pretty busy. Had a good meal and thought it was just as good as Pizzaiolo as far as pizza was concerned.

Mysterious Chicken Village on Telegraph

Oh, i just got the name of the noodle dish at OB Oriental BBQ Chicken. It's Jjol Myun. Cold noodle dish like Bibim Neng Myun, but it's like a japanese rice noodle instead of buckwheat. No broth, just spicy sauce.

Mysterious Chicken Village on Telegraph

Ok, I've visited Luxury which was pretty good. Korean bar food. I'm not sure what the deal was, but apparently the original owners of the zhajiangmien place on the Koryo side sold that shop and then opened up the same or somewhat similar zhajiangmien right across the street. The place never opened up cuz of lawsuit or something and they tried to do something else. I'm not sure if this is Luxury or Sai Sai, but something's finally opened across the street near sahn maru. This is just random korean gossip I heard from my gf.

At Luxury we ordered a soup thing that had ramen noodles, kimchi, spam and corned beef on a portable gas stove. Sorry, dunno what it's called. I've had the same type of thing minus the corned beef at some other korean places. Loved it, but then again I love spam. Also had the spicy octopus dish which I liked too.

Hunicsz, I'm not sure which chicken place that is, but I also just went to the chicken place that used to be Coco house. Got the spicy fried chicken and a spicy noodle dish there. Liked that too. Dry fried chicken smothered in spicy sauce. The noodle dish has veggies mixed in with the spicy sauce. It's not neng myun, but some other white noodle. Getting really hungry thinking about it now.

Greg's Chicago-style pizza (Berkeley)

I'm pretty sure it's closed and being remodeled into a Chipotle. The pizza shop that was there before wasn't anything to write home about.

Shanghai Restaurant--Now in Berkeley!

Tried this place out a few months back when it first changed hands and thought it was terrible. We ordered off the lunch menu and every dish was overly salted. Mongolian beef, seafood mix, seafood over crispy noodles. Didn't try the xiao long bao or any other dishes off their special ordering menu. They had dim sum to order there too, but didn't try it either. You'd probably wanna stick to something that's well known when ordering, otherwise it's not worth a visit.

Gary Danko at seven - backstage at the show

I visited a year ago and had a 5 course tasting. Although the dishes were solid only the pan seared scallop served on a bed of leeks and mushrooms stood out for me. The pea puree it was served on complemented very well for me. The cheese course didn't do it for me. I like cheese, but I'm no connoisseur of fine cheeses, would def. skip if I went back. Have to agree the chocolate souffle is great. 2 chocolate sauces poured into the souffle make this chocolicious. Personally wouldn't go back just to drop in, but for a nice dinner it's a good place to go; plus the service is impeccable.

Dim Sum at East Ocean (Alameda)

I had the same thing happen. No shrimp dumplings so I asked one of the guys there and he just brought us a plate and that was that! Never hurts to ask if you don't see somethin you want! =)

Barceluna (alameda)

Had dinner at Berceluna last night on Central and Park (next to alameda theatre). Dinner was good, not spectacular, but it was our first time and thought it wasn't bad. Overheard them saying they were gonna moved down Park street to Kelly's? or next to it? 5 plates and 2 drinks for $55.

Ordered breaded artichoke hearts, tuna luna, fried calamari, empenadas and fish tacos. Dishes were not salted enough, but were fresh. Artichoke hearts I will skip next time. Overdone and not tasty unless you drench in the sauce. Tuna Luna was the best dish. Seared Ahi, tofu, avocado and cucumber in a vinagrette served in a martini glass. Generous portions of tuna and the tofu mixed in well somehow. I think it was topped with Siracha hot sauce. Empenadas were good too. Mushroom and proscuitto stuffed in the empenada and topped with their spicy sauce. Their fish taco was ok. Fish was not deep fried, but served grilled or steamed with little letuce and some cream(mayo) sauce. Fish was flaky and moist, but needed a little salt. Fried calamari was nothing to write home about. Maybe I'm losing my taste buds, but again shoulda been salted a little and wasn't crispy enough for me. Would have liked it better if served with an aoili or creamy dip.

Drinks were ok. Rasberry mojito was a new twist and it turned out good. Not enough rum tho. Sangria was ok as well. Without drinks it would been around $42 i think. Might come back if I really wanted tapas. Overall it was ok, I'd come back for the tuna salad thing.

2319 Central Ave.
Alameda, CA 94501
510-522-7425 (prices on website are not up to date)

Dim Sum at East Ocean (Alameda)

Just had dim sum this morning at East Ocean. Good deal and good eats. Food was fresh and hot outta the steamer. Made it there around 11 and the place was full, but no wait list. 2 of us had eight plates for $23 before tips!

Ordered up ha gow (shrimp dumpling 3pc.), siu mai (pork dumpling 4pc), seun jok geurn (bean curd roll in sauce), gow choi gow (shrimp and chives dumpling), ha churng fun (shrimp crepe), that deep fried shrimp and water chestnut dumpling (maybe baked? 3pc), siu long bao (shanghai dumpling 3pc) and pai gwut (short ribs in black bean sauce).

Ha gow was fresh and had a spring to it. Skin is thicker than I usually like, but holds together well. Siu mai was good, enough fat in it and not mushy. Shrimp and chives dumpling was ok, would have liked it pan fried a little more, but taste was good. I didn't eat the shrimp and water chestnut thing served with mayo. Siu long bao was a little dry on the top which is usually a sign its either been sitting out or not steamed long enough. It was ok. Pai gwut was ok, a little fatty, but really on par with most dim sum places.

For $23 you can't beat it! It's a little more expensive at Legendary Palace so this is the best alternative to chinatown and it has all the staple plates I usually get. Big plus that I go to Alameda so much. Their back parking lot was full, but I circled once and got a space on the street. Definitlely will go back.

Carvel is open in the Bay Area!!!

Big smack in the head for me! I was watching the store opening up, had no idea what it was. I work across the street. I'll try it out when it gets hot out. That's two places to have cold treats now, Naia and Carvel. Thx for the posts, woulda never known!

Late Night (a twist on the usual question)

If we go south 101 after a late nite out we hit up Lucky Chances Casino. Their restaurant/coffee shop is open 24/7 so it's good for the drunken stupor crowd that gets out after 2am.

For the East Bay I hit up La Pinata(San Leandro off Marina) from 2-3am.

Do people really like bitter melon?

This is the only way I can stand eating it. Black bean and garlic sauce. I think every other way is just too much for me. My brother and parents think I'm the weird one for not liking it so much. Yes as a kid who wouldn't think this is disgusting stuff?? Better now that I'm older, but ordering at a restaurant?? why torture myself?!?!?

Jul 18, 2006
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Jack London Square!

Right in Jack London square I like the Chicken and waffle place just because it's close. The chicken and waffle is better at Merritt I think, but the sides are much better at the chicken and waffle house. I eat at Ginza for Japanese food and don't go to Yoshi's. Yoshi's is just for atmosphere and music. I like Kincaids although some ppl I talked to said it's gone down a bit in just the past year. Buttercup is right there for breakfast, although I like Rudy's in Emeryville better. Dim sum is just down and right on Broadway to get to Legendary Palace.
Drinks and happy hour there? I just walked by that one on the corner at the end on Broadway last Friday, forgot the name, but it was getting busy by 6 or 7. All the way on the other end of Broadway is Luka's Taproom which is good for happy hour.


I got responses a while back on Malasadas and no one has said they come close to ones in hawaii. RW and others have listed many. Here is another post.
Rw's post is the most current though. I tried Hiser in Hayward and it was bleh!!! I also went to the Aloha festival last year and got some from one of the two stands selling and of course I picked the wrong one! Go to the The Academy of Hawaiian Arts stand. Looked better and ppl said it tasted good.

If you're in Hawaii, go to Leonard's for malasadas. Get hot fresh ones, they're worth it.

The sugar coated puffs at Koi Palace can't compare to the malasadas in Hawaii imo. Just my 2 cents.

Oriental Tea House (San Leandro, CA) - Dim Sum

I agree with theSauce. I've been to Oriental Tea House. Yuck. Food is overly greasy and just has a slight aftertaste that tells me not to eat there anymore. I go to East Village if I'm not willing to go to Oakland chinatown to get some dim sum. Little cleaner and tastes better.
If you get cold food off the checkoff menu definitely send it back. Check off menu is there for a purpose. It gives them an exact count on who wants what and it shouldn't be just sitting there waiting for someone to eat it like carts.

I've had New Hong Kong on mission, but that was a few years ago. Last time was ok, it's not the great, but I'd still eat that over OTH. I've also been to the one in Union City Marina shopping center which is probably better than all 3 places listed. It's too far to visit for me when it'd be the same distance to oakland so I don't visit often.
Next up is East Ocean in Alameda though. I've only seen good posts from everyone here.

good food CV, SL, Hayward?

There's sushi in Castro Village? Sunflower is good for quick takeout. 2nd Val's for good burgers. I would say no to Ray's. Go to Tomodachi's in Hayward instead. The original chef's all left Ray's and opened up their own place on Hesparian. (24123 Hesperian Blvd). Better sit down place than Ray's and they have a robata grill menu.

As far as nicer side... I can only think of A street cafe as mentioned above. There used to be a french restaurant on castro valley blvd. ,but I don't know if it's still there. Try Creasian in San Leandro (1269 Macarthur Blvd).
If you're willing to travel a bit further. Go to Papillon in Fremont. Good steaks and seafood. (37296 Mission Blvd
)A bit late to post, but just in case you ever want a different selection.

Bakesale Betty's Best Blueberry (ouch!)

Betty's Fried Chicken sandwich. I was looking forward to it and had it picked up for me two fridays ago. Not all it's cracked up to be or maybe ppl like it this way. The sandwich is ok to good. It's no frills packed with some jalapenos and coleslaw-ish lettuce(I liked the jalapenos). Very clean and light, but dry(I can understand chicken breast ain't always juicy) and unassuming. For $8 though it's not my cup of tea.