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Desperately Seeking Indian Food In PBC

I agree, India Garden is really good. A bit of a hike from PBC tho.

Desperately Seeking Indian Food In PBC

By far the best in PBC is India Palace on Okeechobee. I've never had anything but delicious there, and I've eaten there many times. Much better than Saffron, IMHO

Desperately Seeking Indian Food In PBC

marky, do you mean India Palace? It's on Okeechobee past military, on the south side of the street. Very, very good. My favorite.

Dining in Palm Beach

For sushi: There isn't better than the sushi jo on belvedere road; I agree with ash that the one on PGA isn't nearly as good. There's also a wonderful sushi spot in Lantana called sushi bon, but if you're serious sushi folks, order off the specials board, which has stuff brought in daily from local fishermen. For Italian go to Carolina's in Delray; in a pinch Il Bellagio at City Place is pretty good too. Mexican: Tacos al Carbon on Lake Worth road is as authentic and delicious as it gets -- order the tacos, of course. Vegetarian: definitely Soma Cafe in Lake Worth, charming and cheap. A bit down from Soma in Lake Worth is Havana Hideout, a fun old florida kind of place with fish tacos and cuban sandwiches. Get a cafe con leche from Havana's take out window on Dixie and Forest Hill and you can consider yourselves honorary south floridians.

Yoko Sushi, West Palm Beach closed?

yes, they're Sakyo now. Their Vietnamese phos are excellent. I was told Yoko, the owner, died.

West Palm Beach-Just moved here

Tacos al Carbon in Lake Worth for mexican. I've only eaten the tacos and they are the real deal.

Dive bar loving foodies in West Palm Beach for a week. Where to eat?

Hey! nobody mentioned Havana Hideaway in Lake Worth. Fish tacos and cuban sandwiches, getting lots of play lately because of Guy Fieri.

Disappointment in WPB for Dim Sum

Wow, that's really too bad. I had dim sum twice there and it was absolutely wonderful, very fresh, perfectly cooked, and not at all oily. Makes me wonder if they may have changed hands.

Good Ricotta in Orlando?

Or make your own, it's incredibly easy and absolutely delicious. Check Gourmet Magazine website for a recipe.

Jan 07, 2009
zenana in Florida

Joe's Stone Crab - An Institution

Just curious: what are the prices on stone crab claws at joes? I got five large-medium claws for $15 last time I was in Everglades City and they were truly scrumptious.

Best Thai in Palm beach

Wattana Thai? You must be joking? I've had some of the worst Thai food of my life there. WT is not even "decent" much less "excellent," although I've not had either of the dishes you mentioned. Unless they've changed hands since I've been there...

West Palm / Jupiter - Best restaurants in area?

The restaurants at City Place mostly suck. I'm really surprised nobody mentioned Forte di Asprinio. Or Maison Carlos, both in west palm on Clematis.

West Palm / Jupiter - Best restaurants in area?

I agree. Bizaare is terrible.

West Palm / Jupiter - Best restaurants in area?

Any place that serves a tasting menu almost always requires that the entire party order it. This isn't "odd" at all and is in fact standard.

Vietnamese in West Palm Beach area

Sakyo, Sakyo, Sakyo, Sakyo. Pho is phenomenal. On Okeechobee Blvd. and Jog, next to Toys R Us.

Do all farmers markets in Florida stink?

West Palm Beach Greenmarket, at the courthouse, is probably the best greenmarket in South Florida. Swank Farms sells there, as does the heirloom tomato guy from Loxahatchee, a woman who sells organic Asian greens, and a wonderful cheese man, fresh pastas, bakeries, among many others, including a fully organic produce stand with everything from potatoes to greens and squashes. Our local clam farmer used to come down as well, but I haven't seen him there this year. The market's a gem, but always VERY crowded. Get there early for best produce.

Dec 19, 2008
zenana in Florida

Johnny V opening Casual spot Las Olas (FTL) - Smith and Jones Bar

One word: Bleccch.

Sushi and Thai - West Palm Beach/Lake Worth Area

The two best sushi restaurants in palm beach county are Sushi Bon, in Lantana, and Sushi Jo, in West Palm on Belvedere. In both cases I recommend sitting at the bar and ordering off the specials board, as they'll know you're serious that way and will serve you the best fish. Fish is unbelievably fresh for sushi and sashimi, but definitely try the soups at Sushi Bon (tilefish head or blue crab or beef miso) as well, and anything that seems a bit strange, like Triggerfish. Local fishermen bring stuff to both places.

Ristorante Saporissimo

I agree. My favorite special occasion restaurant. I can't recommend it highly enough. Decor is very shabby-chic, but the owners are lovely.

Florida's Signature dish

you're right, adam, over the years many FLA restaurants have been found to be selling fish other than grouper as grouper. But quite frankly, Florida grouper is endangered and we need to give it a rest until populations rebound. Eco-conscious chowhounds would do well to eat low on the food chain when it comes to fish, although pompano is plentiful and is killer delicious when cooked right.

Dec 19, 2008
zenana in Florida

Florida's Signature dish

seriously? I thought their conch fritters sucked and were unbelievably overpriced. I had them at the Greenmarket one weekend and swore I'd never get taken again.

Dec 19, 2008
zenana in Florida

What's the word on Hosteria Romana?

This is really sad. This place (on espagnola) used to be one of my favorite restaurants in south beach. it's evidently gone way downhill, because at one time it was excellent. so it goes.

Taco "trucks" or roadside stands - WPB, Boca, Delray

Whoa, hello? Tacos al Carbon's tortillas certainly ARE homemade. I've been eating them for years, and they're absolutely delicious, probably the best homemade tortillas around. Their tacos are excellent, I highly recommend this place. There are also several trucks on Lake Worth Road a bit further east, near the place that sells Latin american ice cream.

Riley McDermott's (closing)and Cero(losing chef) (Ft Lauderdale)

Better go now, folks -- the food's to die for. definitely try the grilled langostinos. Real upscale sophisticated Italian, as you'd find in the best Roman restaurants. Toby Joseph rules! review to come. :)

Nov 21, 2008
zenana in Florida

Six Tables in Boca

Nov 13, 2008
zenana in Florida

Le Tub - Does it live up to the hype?

went a couple of weeks ago for the first time, mid afternoon, and had no trouble with a wait or service; our burgers came out in 20 minutes, perfectly cooked, delicious. staff was nice. I love the feel of the place, very old florida. when i was a teen in south fla most places felt like this one, laid back on the water, rough tables, burgers and fries, and that's about it. so sad there are so few places left on the water where you can just go and hang, in shorts and flip flops. and come on people, $10 for an excellent burger of this size is not outrageous; I could only eat half of it -- most people would probably opt to split one. anyway, from my perspective the place gets a definite thumbs up.

Best Thai in Palm beach

sadly, there isn't a lot of great thai in palm beach. the best place i know of is Tub Tim, on State Road 7. Food is fairly good, atmosphere and service are wonderful.

really good grocery stores

I'm with Lax2mia, too. I hate Publix with a passion verging on homicidal rage. I've bought semi-rotten produce countless times from Publix (in many different locations -- you can't tell till you get it home because it's frigging shrink wrapped.) The Publix in my neighborhood is filthy, understocked, and half the perishable products are out of date. Shrimp? Mushy and stinking. I only shop there when totally forced to.

Aug 12, 2008
zenana in Florida

guatemalan restaurants palm beach county?

Here's a pic of El Chapin. Darling place.

Jul 16, 2008
zenana in Florida

seafood markets in palm beach county?

close enough! thanks.

Jul 16, 2008
zenana in Florida